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A sliding screen offers glimpses to the living room beneath this plant-filled wall, which architecture firm Nauturehumaine has added to a 1940s house in Montreal. The local studio renovated the mid-century property in the Canadian city’s residential Outremont borough for a couple and their two children. At the request of the wife, who works in the environmental and health field and has a keen interest in wellbeing, a green wall was created as the centrepiece of the home. Measuring 2.8 by five metres, the planted screen divides a pair of split-level living areas. To accommodate the feature, the firm extended the upper lounge – which is raised above a garage beneath –into the attic, forming a double-height space for the foliage to grow up. Encased in a white frame, the greenery is elevated above the ground floor to provide a gap for a window beneath, which offers views between the two living areas. A white steel screen perforated with a “wavy motif” slides in front of the opening to provide privacy when necessary. “We decided to create a visual link between the two spaces by introducing an opening animated by a steel laser-cut sliding panel that could bring intimacy to the living room when needed,” Nauturehumaine architect Stéphane Rasselet told Dezeen. Read more on Dezeen: WATCH NEXT: 47:58 Bjarke Ingels Interview: Different Angles Louisiana Channel 63K views 4:52 The Making of Brick Curtain House with Watermark Dezeen 26K views 8:59 Robert Konieczny uses drawbridge to create ark-like house on a steep Polish hillside Dezeen 24K views 2:22 SO-IL and MINI create an air-filtering house that “contributes to improving urban life” Dezeen 7.2K views 5:19 BIG completes Lego visitor centre shaped like stack of children’s building bricks Dezeen 22K views 8:31 This Guy Started With Just A Container What He […]

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  • Leila Ghauri 7 months ago

    Awesome tour!
    I got my own place too!
    I uploaded an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as awesome as yours 😛

  • Gürcan Gök Demir 7 months ago


  • jerry o connor 7 months ago

    What type of roses are they that you had to order them

  • Ram Francisuk 7 months ago

    You will some trellis or wire arrangement. We have a couple climbers on the front of the house. Supported on painted wooden trellis. I have mixed them with Clematis. I stopped them growing beyond the first floor as it really becomes a pain to prune and dead head. It took about six years on a south facing wall for the roses to get to that height. But I get a great show of flowers in spring and summer. ATB 🙂