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Hi, I am Elizabeth and I’m a qualified epidemiologist and Public Health specialist. Over the years I have attained my BSc Microbiology and molecular science and two masters degrees in health science and Public Health. I spent eight years as a senior university lecturer teaching masters students epidemiology and writing Public Health modules. I also wrote a Master of Public Health and I am currently undergoing the process of applying for registration as a defined specialist with the UK Public Health Register. I am three years into a Public Health PhD. My research focuses on improving, protecting, managing and improving health at a population level. I have worked in this field for about 15 years now and I am more passionate about it every day. Tonight I am giving a brief overview of why you might what to take up gardening in 2020, the health benefits and practical reasons like food security and the just in time food supply system. As well as the obvious life style changes like mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing I am chatting through some other ways that I have changed through experiencing this pandemic, including reasons to grow your own food. ⭐ SUBSCRIBE HERE: CONNECT WITH ME: Join me on Instagram *WATCH MORE: Permanent Lifestyle Changes due to the Pandemic? // Little changes I’m making because of COVID-19 Practical Tips to Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic // Stay Safe as restrictions are lifted: PROTECT YOURSELF: STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY IN ISOLATION: SELF ISOLATION IDEAS: CORONAVIRUS; UNPRECEDENTED TIMES AND RESPONSE – WATCH “IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN HEALTH SERIES” HERE – WATCH VIDEOS ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH HERE – *MORE SCIENCE BACKED SOURCES FOR YOU TO READ:*,activity%20levels%2C%20and%20cognitive%20function. Related Posts10 Health Benefits of Gardening – […]

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  • Sucheta's Vlog 5 months ago

    Good thoughts about health benefits of taking up gardening.Such a green backyard full of plants. Greenery can heal our pain also.

  • CEO Mindset 5 months ago

    Thanks so much for this Lucy,i am motivated to start my own small garden.

  • Pahana Vegan Vlog 5 months ago


  • My type of organised Jai 5 months ago

    Great video with lots of information. I totally agree it helps with emotions,mood and more. I found it very therapeutic,it helped relax me….hay if we burn calories too I'm up for it xx

  • Mind Now 5 months ago

    Very nice to see that you are growing your own plants 🙂

  • Zesty Girl 5 months ago

    Wow I have never heard of that "just in time"! Yes so many benefits in producing our own food! I got close – I have the soil and seeds ready – just haven't got them in! aghhhhhhhhhh You are going great with your garden – I can tell you love it!

  • Wendi Blum Weiss 5 months ago

    You have read my mind. I love the taste of fresh, wholesome delicious herbs and vegetables. I have been thinking about starting our own garden even though we don't have a lot of space. It's TIME!! I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for the inspiration!! Big Hugs.

  • HIEU MINH 5 months ago

    Reasons to grow your own food in 2020, health benefits of gardening, a small garden so good, that is wonderful for your health, thanks so much

  • Simone Alana 5 months ago

    Hey Elizabeth such a fab video. I remember reading about how when the war was happening with the rationing people were growing their own and how much healthier the nation was. Also how they couldnt get oranges into the country so they would pay school kids to pick rose hips which have 1000 times more vitamin c than oranges. Everytime i see them at the end of the summer i always think about how its just there on our doorstep for free and more beneficial. They just need preparing. Loved seeing what you are growing. There is so much pleasure in growing your own, seeing the kids excited and then trying it. I have a video on Caleb's channel where je eats some of the tomatoes we grew and his facial expressions. ❤

  • Rachel Grace 5 months ago

    You look beautiful, as always. I love seeing your garden! I would love to grow my own food but I would probably need to get some garden beds like you have. Also, the last I checked no one in the US was allowed to purchase seeds of any kind… 🙂 Hopefully next growing season!

  • Gardening Wise 5 months ago

    Nice video
    Great tips
    I have published a unique container idea today "Garden in a pot". I would love to have some feedback on it from lovely gardening community. It's about companion planting growing fruit, veg and flowers all in one container.

  • The Sky Forge 5 months ago

    Not to mention the knowledge you gain about plants, the environment, nature, the cycle of life, and the joy of eating food you grew yourself! It's one of the pillars of humanity. Ancient magic. Even if we can't grow enough to sustain ourselves completely, we should all know how to grow food. For even with all my gardening, I still rely on others for so much. The convenience of being able to purchase things that are readily available. And supplies I could never grow enough of by myself. Like grain. There's a really interesting series by "the wooded beardsman" on surviving off what you can find in nature alone. They basically prove in a weekend that it would be impossible to survive in nature alone without hunting… Or agriculture. Humans have evolved and reproduced in such vast numbers that it would be impossible to support everyone without organized agriculture of some sort. This helps tho. This helps ppl learn what is important. And about nature. And it's really nice to be able to make dishes prepared out if your own garden! And like my plan here. I have a soup/salsa garden. The plan is to make soup and vegetable chili and freeze both of them to be used from harvest time to the first few months of winter. Then to also have squash and root vegetables that will keep for a long time to use between then and spring. But like, I'd still have to supplement that with rice, or some kind of grain. And like. That's just the hypothetical. Reality may still be that some things I'm growing do way better than others. So I can't count my chickens before they hatch. And speaking of which I don't have chickens, or goats or meat of any kind myself. So I'm reliant on the ppl who do that as well. That's why I feel like we are much better off each taking the part we can in the bigger picture in order to help each other reach higher goals. And so that's why it's really important to get in touch with your local growers, crafts, and tradespeople so that you can support local people who are doing exactly the same kind of things! It's really win win for everyone! Nice job on the garden it's really coming along nicely!

  • We Are The Salcedos 5 months ago

    I grew. Over here. People are into gardening now

  • Tuncer GÜNAY 5 months ago

    nice terapy 🙂