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Biophilic design is a term which refers to the connection between our built environment and the living world around us. It speaks to our innate love of nature, our biosphere and connection with living systems. This tiny home has been designed to incorporate elements of biophilic design and natural building to create a home on wheels which is beautiful, natural and healthy to live in, proving that a tiny house can truly be capable of having a big positive impact. If you enjoy our videos, please consider supporting us on Patreon: Walker and Heather were inspired to create a home which incorporated their love of nature and passion for living a low-impact lifestyle, and together with builder Ben from Healthy Tiny Homes in Vancouver, they constructed their ideal tiny house which is now situated in their urban back-yard in Portland, Oregon. Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website: Adding to the biophilic design elements, the home also includes some really interesting features, such as a living roof where the roofline has been designed to follow the Fibonacci curve and mimics the design of a leaf. Adding a living roof to a tiny house is quite an achievement, and Walker admits that it’s a bit of an experiment. To find out more about this tiny house, you can visit Walkers website, where he blogs on the topic of regenerative architecture and tiny house design. To find out more about healthy tiny house building, check out Ben’s website here: In this video tour, Walker mentions the Living Building Challenge as an inspiration. You can find out more about the LBC and it’s principles here: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Please subscribe for […]

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  • mixitup1 1 month ago

    Fantastic, magical, brilliant!!!

  • Lucy Diamond 1 month ago

    this. this is it. this made my day. this, inspires me.

  • Lavendergal 1 month ago

    Noticed on a few of these videos of late that the couple seems off step with one another. We are one partner, the gentleman in this video says me and I all the time but never way. She keeps her hands in her pockets a lot and tries to say we but it’s clearly him him him

  • Kristina Zoë 1 month ago

    I caught the me‘s and I’s in the first minutes and looked in the comments… well even if it’s my house and I have somebody share it here and there I would still use the term „we“… she copies him so much hahaha weird

  • Jenny Lee 1 month ago

    Ughh.. Liberals

  • Barbara Connett 1 month ago

    I really like this home, and the Philosophy, great!

  • Cassidy Myers 1 month ago

    Two things, he’s talking a shit ton more than her and she seems very nervous or scared. The way she’s speaking and her body language screams something is wrong

  • Ahiku 1 month ago

    Looks beautiful, but the ceiling is suffocating, you can't even sit up on your loft. There's also very little storage space for 3 people. This would be great for one person, though.

  • Caroline Poole 1 month ago

    How wonderful to hear someone speak with knowledge and passion, willing to take risks and learn from mistakes if they happen (the roof). Hope this family enjoy living in their beautifully creative tiny home full time when they make the transition. Love it!

  • Carmen J 1 month ago

    Sorry.. can you explain this all again so some of us can understand a little better???

  • RareOne ASMR 1 month ago

    I agree with a lot of other ppl on here that the guy seemed a bit too self absorbed. That's not their house, that's HIS house. What's the bet he's a Gemini?

  • If that guy said I one more time I was going to shut the video off!

  • Luz Castillejos 1 month ago

    Simple life, no more mortgage ,

  • angryvino 1 month ago

    He could help the planet by not talking so much. Cringy and awful!

  • Алексей Прокопов 1 month ago

    It is a really wonderful house!

  • Cole Agneta 1 month ago

    I like how passionate he is and that they got to add elements that they both liked and worked cohesively