This lovely home in Nashua, NH is showcasing our Regal Brown Embossed Aluminum Shingle.

Can Derren Brown convince someone that they’ve done the unthinkable?
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Nashua, NH – Regal Brown Metal Roof

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  • Crinkle Chips

    It's funny how this guy shits on all religion as unbelievable but makes this fake shit where the subject is always a stooge and everything is falsified and expects his viewers to believe it all. He fancies himself a God and the dumb viewers of the UK just eat it all up and ask for more.

  • Channel Name

    Derren Brown can't possibly be behind the fact that I feel guilty saying anything to anyone coz all I get in return is silence, eye rolls or straight up malicious confusion. The guy doesn't know I exist, so how is this possible?

  • derinderruheliegt

    Notice he says it was a great experience…to be in such a low place, but then to find out everything is ok. This, unfortunately, is how many church services (especially televangelist style) work.

  • Danny Jenkins

    And you want to tell me this shits not staged? Oh no, hes unexpectedly going to the police station, what a surprise, the plan was to make him admit at the house. Wait, but theyve prepared a fake wall at the police station when he arrived before them? cmon…

  • Ahmad Zafar

    When you unlock the mystery of human nature, there is nothing to do but try to make others lives miserable too! In an awesome way!
    Knowledge sets you free! But than it becomes so boring. Derren! I bet you know hey!?

  • Harry Potter

    Steve White= Mrs. White
    Reverend Jenny Green= Mr. Green
    Professor Alice Plummer= Professor Plum
    Miss Scarlett Evans= Miss Scarlet
    Ex-Colonel, Sir Robert Coleman= Colonel Mustard
    Dr. Patrick Black= Mr. Boddy

    The only one missing is Miss Peacock, who I'm guessing is supposed to be Jody.

  • janine williams

    I dont approve of mind manipulative, especially of vunerable people, and not professional people. We should be respecting them not trying to make a fool of them and control them.

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