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Training at Vanagam, 3 day programme. Must for Every one. Organic farming explained in Thamizh by Dr.G.Nammazhvar ( நம்மாழ்வார் அவர்களின் இயற்க்கை வேளாண்மை – தமிழில்… Organic farming explained in Thamizh by Dr.G.Nammazhvar ( நம்மாழ்வார் அவர்களின் இயற்க்கை வேளாண்மை – தமிழில் ) Subtitle – English. CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR LATEST NEWS UPDATES Natural farming without degrading the soil nutrients. Explained by Nammalvar. Earth scientist Muthukrishnan explaining the Contouring methods. The pioneer of organic farming in Tamil Nadu, G Nammalvar, died at the age of 75 in Athivetti village in Thanjavur district on Monday. CLICK THE LINK BELOW F… Download@ Organic farming veteran Nammalvar dead – Dinamalar Dec 31st 2013 Tamil Video News. For more details contact : 9442564189 , 9442364189. Organic Farming Veteran Nammalvar Dead | இயற்கை வேளாண் விஞ்ஞானி நம்மாழ்வார் காலமானார் For More Updated News and Subscription Visit G. Nammalvar (or Nammazhwar) (1938 — 30 December 2013) was an Indian organic farming scientist. Hailing from the agro-based Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu… Renowned organic agriculturist, Nammazhwar, who was a staunch proponent of organic farming reached heavenly abode at Thanjavur. He had been there to create a… Dr G Nammalvar Organic Agriculturist. A condolence meeting was held in memory of organic farming scientist, Nammalwar at Pudukottai. A portrait was unveiled and resolutions were passed with a dem… Mr. Nammalvar, an agriculturist from India explain food security and the need for organic farming in our developing world. அமிர்த கரைசல் தயாரிக்கும் முறை நிலவள ஊக்கி ஆன அமிர்த கரைசலை தயாரிக்கும் முறை: மாடு ஒருமுறை போட்ட சாணம், (எந்த மாடாக இருந்தாலும் பயன்படுத்தலாம்) ஒருமுறை பெய்த… Thalir is an initiative aimed to support organic farming and to create awareness among youngsters to follow Subhash Sharma Ji training farmers in ORGANICL FARMING. This 20 acre Farm is located in Yavatmal, Maharastra. Subhash Sharma Ji is practicing Organic Farming… To vote for […]

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