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High Flow Hydro recirculating deep water culture ( dwc) hydroponic system. Please check out our webpage at The reservoir, float valve, air pumps, and air stones aren’t shown on this video but are included in the system. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts7PACK Recirculating DWC Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Grow System (High Aeroponics Harvests!)Bubble Flow Buckets. Voted “Best Bucket Grow Hydro System”USA Cannabis Corp – Prototype Recirculating DWC Hydroponic Systemrecirculating deep water culture hydroponic grow systemGrowing Weed with a Hydro System – Germination and Weeks 1 & 2Hydroponics – Hydroponic Marijuana Growing – Hydro Weed Grow How To – 16

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  • retnal08 1 year ago

    on the carpet Bro

  • Billy Koster 1 year ago

    stop hating

  • MrFlawless222 1 year ago

    Where did you get your buckets

  • lykaboss247 1 year ago

    Looks like you are no longer selling these……. website is offline and expired?

  • Slammd Svntybug 1 year ago

    wow….this looks like what Current Cultures setup did about ten years ago, maybe instead of copying a system that has already been perfected for the last 25 yrs by Dan at current culture, from fresno ca. you should design your own system….

  • THEINGINE 1 year ago

    ever heard of Under Current H20 From Fresno ca.

  • fournineteengottamin 1 year ago

    man that's a real nice set up………