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  • Michelle 1 month ago

    I do not think Juice Plus is a weight loss product. It is a nutritional supplement.

  • Harrie Holtmaat 1 month ago

    Graag in nederlands.

  • Fifi O 1 month ago

    If anyone is looking for distributor, get in touch! This product is great and it's awesome to see it working for you 🙂

  • Dawn Farrell 1 month ago

    Hi Victorious Vicky, not sure if anyone got back to you but yes you can take Juice Plus while breast feeding. As well there are a lot of moms who start adding 1/2 capsules to babies food and formula and noticed great results.

  • Victorious Vicky 1 month ago

    hi, my current postpartum weight is 100kg and i wish to loose 25kg but am breastfeeding and my baby is 4months @ this moment. my question is, can I enrole on juice plus while breastfeeding?

  • Joanne Stoute 1 month ago

    Do you just have one shake then healthy meals? A friend is a distributor- think inking of signing up.

  • Katharine Crumpton 1 month ago

    i got one of those blenders when i got my plan there brilliant,

  • victoriavamp 1 month ago

    Aww, well done girl! I'm on my second day of juice plus and i love them, need to get me one of those blenders though 🙂

  • Alex Miller 1 month ago

    You look really really young

  • My Youtube Channel 1 month ago

    Great video!!! I lost 10lbs already & working on losing some more with Juice Plus!. visit my website for more detail

  • julian cox 1 month ago

    Well done Fae. We are Juice Plus U.K representatives and are currently using the Juice products ourselves, you can see our progress soon and we can offer advice and testimonials at ———- For the website go direct to – – If you know what product you want you can order direct from there also.

  • Maria Del Carmen Felix 1 month ago

    Hello Fae, you look fantastic and keep up the good work. I am on juice plus+ and distributor, I have hypothyroid and love the product, I have lots of energy and have not been sick for for one year without any cold, respiratory infection, coughs or sinus infections, which I was great for every christmas and new years, now for two christmases and new years no illness.

  • Cheryl Smith 1 month ago

    im a rep and its so nice to hear another fab story x

  • Farhad Reza 1 month ago

    Oh hai! Have you considered – batama weight loss adept (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • Amazing journey! Keep going. I'm a distributor and it is so nice to hear how well people are doing xx

  • Laura-Anne Jones 1 month ago

    Hi, I am thinking about joining this diet. Did it work for you in the end? 🙂

  • Laura Hirst 1 month ago

    £32.50 a month for 4 months so you pay £130 all together? X

  • Anthea Craig 1 month ago

    You may have had the cold due to detoxing. Getting all the good stuff in is helping to get the bad stuff out. I just started it too & ended up with what I thought was the flu but I was detoxing. My body never felt better afterwards!! Juice Plus is awesome! Good luck to you!

  • Seymourx230484x 1 month ago

    Hi how long did u stick at juice plus and how much did you lose? Would you recommend it? Many thanks