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This is part 2 of my garden video (part 1: Because typhoons kept coming when I’m supposed to plant I decided to put off planting but obviously I waited too long. Next time I’d like to have a sturdier vegetable tunnel and plant earlier. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to grow anything this time, but we’ll see! ►Patreon: ►Main Cooking Channel: ►Music by Epidemic Sound ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 2 December Excellent ResultVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 11 November Excellent ResultRaised Bed Vegetable Gardening | May Days Garden UpdateBackyard Vegetable Garden ~ May Update and Walk ThroughVegetable Garden Update S1-E12 – Staking and Hail Hath No Fury

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  • dramatic oof 3 months ago

    All of us during gardening week

  • Katelyn Donnelly 3 months ago

    Omg the transformation of the plot in just 3 months!!! Incredible

  • Pearl Lee 3 months ago

    You make it look so easy, but I know from experience that gardens take daily (often twice or three times daily) work! It looks great!

  • Emily Davies 3 months ago

    you can eat all the brassica leaves ! makes a great stew or coleslaw ^-^

  • Emily Davies 3 months ago

    as a veggie grower in UK clay heavy soil with drought summers, increasing drainage in sandy soil would be my last thought! so interesting how different climates grow veg!

  • Jolee Kee 3 months ago

    looking forward to part 3!

  • ash 098 3 months ago

    The soil looks sooooooo amazing, all we have is rich clay and vegies dont like growing in it to well

  • Danielle Jude 3 months ago

    The last part was so cute when he was happy about growing Romanesco

  • ArcticFirepixy 3 months ago

    Thanks jun Good luck!!!

  • James Cecil 3 months ago

    What area of Japan do you live in?

  • asambi69 3 months ago

    I'm assuming this is a Japanese equivalent to an allotment? My allotment neighbours are suuuuper nice and always give me tips and excess veggies/fruit they can't use or just grew too much of..Its a lovely little community.

  • Angie Tyndall 3 months ago

    Have you ever tried a raised garden bed where in you can also make boxes around them.

  • McKayla Anderson 3 months ago

    fun fact: I was able to answer my bio professor's question about what kind of vegetable was shown in his slides (twas romanesco) because of this video!

  • A. Stanley 3 months ago

    Jun is so cute with his wife’s favorite vegetable☹️

  • Angel M 3 months ago

    For some kinds of cabbage it do not roll and form a ball until it rains . if it does not rain farmers spray or sprinkle water on the leaves instead . You can try that if you wish .

  • animegirlzrock21 3 months ago

    in a apocalyptic world where you have to grow your own food jun will survive

  • I loved these videos!!! Please teach us more about Japanese gardening techniques, maintaining the garden, growing staple vegetables, etc… it was really interesting!!

  • Yuno G 3 months ago

    The soil looks like sand