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My Vegetable Garden || Organic Vegetables Thank you for Watching God Bless Vegetables are- Snake gourd Bitter gourd Purple Beans Long green Beans Spicy peppers Tomatoes Okras Egg Plant Banana Plant Pumpkins #AngelDoesArt #Vegetables #Garden #Organic Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start a Container Garden from Seed Easy! STEP by STEP grow vegetables plant organicBack To Eden Organic Gardening Film | How to Grow a Vegetable GardenWhy These Vegetables Outgrew All Others in My Organic GardenPlanting Vegetables – How to Plant a Small Vegetable GardenVegetable Gardening : Compatible Planting of Garden VegetablesMy organic vegetable garden + some tips for growing your own food!

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  • Jazz & Kidzz 1 month ago


  • NS Flashcrafter 1 month ago

    Very nice garden thanks for sharing!

  • Katherine SALVA-HIDMA 1 month ago

    many vegetable in your garden that is great..

  • Tech 4 vlog Malayalam 1 month ago


  • Neermathalam All in all. 1 month ago

    100000 +like.
    Beautiful.. ഒത്തിരി ഇഷ്ടമായി.

  • Striking Vista 1 month ago

    hello …just joined you ,full view ….Amazing and beautiful garden
    hope you join and watch my video

  • EMS In Taiwan 1 month ago

    Is that your garden wow you have okra string beans eggplant pepper hot chili beautiful backyard pumpkins too tomatoes organic vegetables you have alovera also .

  • JM Wander Vlogs 1 month ago

    Awesome garden, thanks for sharing, new friend here. Hope you can visit my house and bring some vegetables. B

  • John Ames 1 month ago

    Big thumbs up my friend

  • Ocean Mashup 1 month ago

    Kaandari മുളക്, വാഴുതനങ്ങ, പടവലങ്ങ, pumpkin ..Allam undallo super vegetable തോട്ടം,athenda ഒരു ബീൻ…

  • Jasmi's magical kitchen 1 month ago

    Wow!!! Snake gourd my favourite veg. dear. N your so beautiful dear.

  • YUCONVYSTAR LIGHT 1 month ago

    nice to share dear friend, keep on working harder , i love you and i always say i love your channel please stay connected and subscribe me now

  • Successful 90 Day Fiancee Visa Couple! 1 month ago

    Fresh vegetables sissy and organic wow that's nice