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In this video I am showing you my terrace garden vegetables and my garden overview . Hope you all will like 👍👍🍓🍒😍😍 __________________________________ Please LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE, my video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO. #dreamgarden #gardenvideos #indianyoutuber #gardening Video Rating: / 5 Garden writer Susan Mulvihill takes you on a virtual tour of her vegetable garden, sharing tips along the way. From Susan’s in the Garden, Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.729# Garden Overview of February | Vegetable Gardening kron ya Horticulture GardeningKitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening June-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening August-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening September-2016 (Urdu/hindi)Kitchen Gardening Overview | Beginning Vegetable Gardening April-2016 (Urdu/hindi)

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  • Umesh Sharma 10 months ago

    Feeling so much happy to see ur organic vegetables…..very very nice

  • neelam sharma 10 months ago

    Whenever I see any of your video I feel like I am there only. Lovely lovely

  • swayang's kitchen 10 months ago

    Just wow to say..

  • Veena Joshi 10 months ago


  • Ankur Grover 10 months ago


  • Heena Limbani 10 months ago

    Hello Mam… Mene Aapke first video se Aapko follow Kiya he. Bhot hi jldi Aapne apna garden growth kr Liya.mene Aapka garden develope phelese dekha he.. U r genius… Great work…. Adorable

  • shishpal singh 10 months ago

    You n your garden ,your home, your family, your relatives, your friends, your subscribers, your city everything which is related to u are awesome

  • narayan thakur 10 months ago

    Very nice

  • My Own Terrace Garden At Lingasur 10 months ago

    Nice happy to see vegetables

  • Philippine Expat Country Living 10 months ago

    Very nice garden. I like that

  • Bill Chico 10 months ago

    I love your video… did you notice the snake at 11.24? just asking. Not all snakes are bad obviously, just wanted to make sure it wasn't venomous and let you know they are with you…

  • kaisenji 10 months ago

    Gonna use this as my motivation to work in the garden after work. We are in the high desert so it's much hotter.

  • Sandra 10 months ago

    Hello Susan from Nevada,i have a question i see you have hot and sweet peppers on the same place ..maybe too close to be crosen polinery and don't get the best fruit from the plan ? i always plant very separator in part to get better fruit ,maybe i am rong can you help me out to understand this consent please..thank you.

  • dsdkeck 10 months ago

    Does anyone know what gardening zone she is in?

  • Dr. Tetramin Flakes 10 months ago

    What zone are you in?

  • Tess D 10 months ago

    Very neat garden! Thanks for sharing! Love the peas trellis and all great info. Happy growing season!

  • homesteader fifty w/ ricky & martha 10 months ago

    I wanted to grow sweet potatoes in some small or large of a container should I plant one slip?

  • Kansas Gardener 10 months ago

    That's a really nice raised bed garden. I built a raised bed garden a few years ago and have some tips and tricks you might like. I also build small greenhouses that sit on top of the beds you might enjoy. Please have a look at my channel.

  • Roland Platt 10 months ago

    You have an amazing garden. A lots of love and care behind. And I really liked how you explain and the way you talk. It is very easy and enjoyable to watch the video. Thank you very much.

  • Wiggles 10 months ago


  • Steve Dillinger 10 months ago

    Are those rubber snakes at 11:03?

  • West Coast Gardener 10 months ago

    I also like to keep my brassicas covered too! And my small seedlings. I’m going to try the copper rings for a slug deterrent as well. Great video and thanks

  • Grow Your Own Food 10 months ago

    Awesome video. Just starting my channel

  • plainboxer1 10 months ago

    Your garden looks marvelous! My wife and I learned a few things about slugs and garden covers. We've always heard that tomatoes and peppers compete with each other for nutrients.(Our tomatoes did well when planted next to peppers, peppers, not so much) What has your experience been? Thanks again for sharing!

  • EcoCentric Homestead 10 months ago

    since you mentioned the green potatoes…. I mulch my carrots with grass clippings for the same reason. Keeps the tops from turning green

  • Dirtandseedsmake 10 months ago

    Thanks Susan! Great video. My husband is a pepper guy too. Lol! What type of row cover do you use for all the season crops (withstand the winters)? I am in zone 8a. Do you have link?

  • Shalome Tyson 10 months ago

    Beautiful garden. What are you using in the bed as irrigation…are those 1/2 inch tubing or soaker hoses?. Thanks. Again, lovely garden

  • Hans A. F. 10 months ago

    We are not using wood for garden bed, it will get rotten.Did you polish them first?