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When gardening indoors I am always asked what plants are the best and which ones I choose to grow and why. In this episode I will cover my favorite 3 and why they are my number 1 choice when growing food indoors. Related PostsCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSMEDICAL CANNABIS INDOOR GARDENING! – 4 PLANTS IN A 4X4 GROW TENTCroton Plant | Indoor Plant Maintenance | How to Care for Plants | Gardening Ideas (Urdu/hindi)Indoor Plants : How to Grow a Vegetable Garden IndoorsTomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : The Best Way to Grow Tomato Plants




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  • How to garden with hammerin Hank With tips 10 months ago

    Great video Luke! You are very informative on this one! Thanks for your help! I will definitely be using your Tips!

  • Rubie Knapp 10 months ago

    One of my fav channel. i order seeds from you guys and now they start. sprouting. thanks

  • also I liked the growing in urban pittsburgh area. what do you think would be best fruit/fruit trees to grow in containers year round?

  • Beans lol I have literally have 10 potted in my living room that gets 4hrs of sun tops. beans beans the magical fruit…lol

  • Bonnie Mcconnell 10 months ago

    Hey there, I have been watching you and your little family. I am living in Georgia the last 28yr but lived in Michigan the 30yr before. A lot of same things are still the same. I really liked the episode on asparagus. I am trying to find seeds on the Blue Hubbard Squash. I have looked everywhere here, no one has heard of it, we always. had it in Mi.Maybe you can send some info to me. Sure would appreciate it. Congratulations on your 100000. Any of your gifts would by nice by the way.
    Lovon McConnell
    Thomaston, Ga

  • Du Fung 10 months ago

    I have a nice Magnum LED light($700 11 spectrum), which will supplement my indoors. I'm excited for this season.
    Ithaca/Starhawk Lettuce
    Kennebec/Purple Viking Potatoes

  • tpsu129 10 months ago

    I think I will unsubscribe and resubscribe just to be the 100,000th. Congrats @MiGardner.

  • Judith Allen 10 months ago

    What a great time I have just watching these videos. I have gardened for years but I always learn something new. I'm going vertical this year with cucumbers. Something new. I am always amazed at God's creation whenever I walk through a garden filled with beautiful vegetables and flowers. I really love MIGardener!

  • Katie's night life 10 months ago

    i have a decent green thumb but i can't have a garden do to im 16 and my mom is a contract nurse so we move so much that i just cant do it but i might get to soon i love to garden

  • Sir. Cracker's Garden 10 months ago

    thank you so very much for all the Insight. I just got done visiting your online store and ordered myself seven different varieties of peppers not bad for the price and the quantity I'm quite satisfied I cannot wait to receive them and grow them so I can give you a review on the quality and the customer service. So far 5 out of 5 stars. lots of information and I love it a lot. I am one of those gardeners they grew up in my mom's Garden helping her out and as she got older slowly took over her garden I have been on YouTube since 2009 gardening like crazy. I live in a rental and a garden out of 55 gallon barrels eventually I would like to own my own land so I can plant in the ground. ideally I would like to grow for necessity however right now I grow primarily for the fun of it I am looking at growing as many pepper plants as I possibly can of different varieties. I am finding that I greatly enjoy sweet peppers. your new devout viewer sir cracker

  • Me From Maine 10 months ago

    I think getting to the topic a bit quicker would make these videos a little easier to view. Thanks for all the info in your videos 🙂

  • Debora Tessman-Mc Kenna 10 months ago

    Hi Luke. I just ordered seeds from you! Not sure where I fall on the scale you presented. I grow the foods we eat and grow some herbs. I would like to know where peas fall on that scale you presented. I grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, peas, celery, melons, some squash, and some herbs. I am going to try some new things this year. Thanks for your channel. It's a good one. I like to see Northern climate planting. We live in central Minnesota.

  • Lee Hughes 10 months ago

    I want to eat what you eat to give me that kind of energy! You certainly cover a lot of ground in very little time! Thanks for your dedication to this skill. Your knowledge is exceptional!

  • mercedez tinney 10 months ago

    can you do an entire video with all the fruits and veggies you can garden in that wonderful chart?!!! that was extremely helpful 🙂 Thanks

  • HealthIsPower 10 months ago

    I'm heading over to pick up some .99 cent organic seeds from your website now. You have a great selection. It's my pleasure to show some support after watching so many of your great gardening videos. Thanks much Luke!

  • Janice B 10 months ago

    Thanks again, Luke! Useful info. Gardening for necessity=farmer. Hobby=gardener. I think a farmer goes to "work", even if he enjoys it. And a gardener, even if the yield is used to store up and feed his family, still just does it for pleasure. Just my perspective. Neither is greater or less than the other. I am STOKED about planting the Seminole pumpkin seeds I got yesterday from my local Seed Lending Library. Apparently they are off the high end of your chart for productivity and off the low end on energy, thriving in poor soil and grass/weeds, with up to 80 ft. of vines, doing well in sun or shade. Since I have some acreage, the plan is to plant a few about, in different areas, and see what conditions do best. I'm a gardener, though I have been called a farmer, since we keep animals.

  • Janie Flores 10 months ago

    Hello I need some advice I planted some seeds in tiny cups with potting mix, I have them all together in some old rectangular pans should I cover them with plastic wrap or leave them open thanks

  • besmith187 10 months ago

    salsa / strawberrys 🙂

  • qaib thai 10 months ago

    u fucking earned my subscribe

  • Ömer Kaygın 10 months ago

    Thanks for this great video. It is as always fun to watch and educating. I would like to ask you that what fertilizer and how much do you use for this size grow bed?