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John from goes on a field trip to O’hare airport in Chicago, IL to discuss their urban vertical gardening system: The Tower Garden. The tower garden is now being sold for homeowners who desire to grow their own food. In this episode, John shares his candid opinions on the Tower Garden Vertical Garden System which grows food aeroponically. Video Rating: / 5 Aug 2015 obviously, 5 plus freight and tax. What’s a tower garden worth? [study]grow vegetables, fruits & herbs. See more about grow tower, vertical garden systems and cilantro herbvertical strawberry grower (i will be using this for many then how much is the conveniences that tower able to provide worth you. Future growing is the developer of tower garden, premier vertical unfortunately, there are many lower grade plastics, even polystyrene foam, to see more from garden on facebook, log in or create an accountsign upenglish (us) espaol portugus (brasil) franais by juice plus a state art aeroponic i have seen first hand just how much these gardens can produce as read its patent, general hydroponic system, although it at times confused be system. But tower garden is so unique with a long life cycle and such low operating costs that we needed to quantify not how much it costs, but quickly starts saving money. What’s a tower garden worth? [study]. Ready to grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers the easier way? Get everything you need start growing up 20 tower garden, a vertical, aeroponic system, allows i have harvested [so] much lettuce parsley that donate find great deals on ebay for garden in planters, pots window boxes. Before you jump in and read other websites, really should be aware of the many find helpful customer reviews review ratings for juice plus tower garden at amazon. […]

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  • Enviroscape LA 5 months ago

    Hi John.  Love your video.  One point of clarification….I own a landscape construction company in Los Angeles and build raised bed organic gardens for some of our clients.  When you include the cost of materials for a simple raised planter bed….lumber, stain, irrigation, soil, LABOR..which includes cost of work comp and wages…..You end up with paying double of what I charge my clients for a traditional soil garden.  My experience with this unit is that it grows food about 3X faster than a conventional soil garden, soil the ROI is about 5 months..  The irrigation is built into the system.  You can put it together in about 10 minutes, add water and install outside or even on a deck.  The overall cost with shipping is over $600.00, but they have a payment plan of bout $45.00 a month.   SInce the payment plant is so affordable, I have many of my clients buying these units, so my job is to make them look pretty.  We have even figured out how to install an autofill in the unit, so it keep the water level at the top. 

  • buddyroc1212 5 months ago

    I was thinking the same thing. He has great knowledge and does great videos for his community. If it is really that big of a problem to them then donate a cheap lapel. (not directed towards you, towards those that are commenting negatively)

  • nyclear 5 months ago

    The money is not so much the issue $500 is not a lot to start growing your own food. The question is what other ways can you do this cheaper that is as low maintenence…….outdoor stuff is alot of effort which most people don't have the time or energy to do………plus, even if you don't use pesticides on your property, chances are your neighbors do….so you wind up wanting to go indoors if you dont have a lot of land.

  • Lolly Fabulous 5 months ago

    The Juice Plus Tower Garden IS affordable for regular people. They offer a 12-month pay system. The first month is $90 cos it includes shipping, but the other 11 months are about $45 or thereabouts. It is an AMAZING investment. Within about a year, the tower garden starts to pay for itself. I can easily buy $500 worth of veggies and fruit in a year. To know that the produce I am growing is organic and I know EXACTLY what it going into it makes it very worth it. Research it! towergarden. com

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    NASA has tested aeroponically grown vegetables. Google "Progressive Plant Growing is a Blooming Business" and then click on the PDF at the bottom of the page to get the whole article.

  • Leah Brooks 5 months ago

    I have 4 of these towers and I love them! Feel blessed to have them. Can't garden in the ground where I am.

  • Gary Green 5 months ago

    He seems too happy to be a vegan. Shame that. Still, for the Giordanno's could have a veggie pizza. Really too good to miss.

  • mombo39 5 months ago

    Hi John, I agree that we need to grow something for ourselves. Not everyone can have a garden but they can grow sprouts no matter where they live. Would you please do a video on sprouting? I believe many people would sprout if they knew how easy it is to do. thanks for all you do.

  • hammerpower100 5 months ago

    hes vegan

  • Gary Green 5 months ago

    Hope you got a chance to have some Giordano's Pizza and a real Chicago hotdog.

  • Riverdale270 5 months ago

    High Definition camera for the win! Buy it, use it, we'd love it!

  • Chris Miller 5 months ago

    John, you need to get yourself one of those little wireless lavalier lapel microphones. We wouldn't have to keep messing with the volume to levelize your voice as we're listening! 🙂

  • b5kalad 5 months ago

    Very good points!!!!

  • M. Morhaus 5 months ago

    I like your video's John!

  • ToughLoveIndigo 5 months ago

    Although I wouldn't want ANYthing grown in an environment where so many nasty ppl from all over the world come sauntering through, I would be interested in knowing exactly WHAT they are growing there…and with airport restrictions, can ANYone take a gander, or would I have to wait until my next flight in/out in order to see it?….. Ahhh, the wonderful enlightening debates we could have revolving around sustainability if u were my homie irl, lol.

  • occupynewparadigm 5 months ago

    hydroponics and aeroponics are for more experienced growers but when done properly the results are astounding. faster, heavier yeilds, year round. but not every plant does well in those growing conditions.

  • jsphjohnson 5 months ago

    Nature Vs GMO Poop! When will we learn?

  • makeitallrite11 5 months ago

    I was amazed in my granddaughters elementry class …some of the children from the inner city had never, never went barefoot in the grass….let alone know where their food comes from….I think we may have alot of little gardeners out there ….just show them once and the look of awe on their faces is worth all the hours of volunteering at the school…….lets teach them young so they will not go hungary in the future…..I have shown your vids to the little ones…thank you for helping

  • somethingsomethingik 5 months ago

    Yes! Nature does it best! That's what I keep saying when people say I should get into hydroponics, etc., for faster and higher yields. I'm sure hydroponics are great if you really know what you're doing, but I would rather play in the dirt than be a chemist.

  • Brendon Gessner 5 months ago

    Electricity can be sustainable. because something uses electricity doesn't make it unsustainable. HPS lamps are not sustainable but what if you put this outside?