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we will look at the pros and cons of the system. Related PostsHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaMy PVC pipe hydroponic garden week 7My PVC pipe hydroponic gardenHow to Make a Hydroponic System Using PVC Pipe Photo GalleryHow to Make a PVC Pipe Hydroponic System for Four Plants : Hooked on ‘Ponics110 mm PVC pipe Hydroponic Towers – Year 2

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  • Laco Munit 3 years ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you will have to pay for “plant food”
    or nutrients and supplements that can be pricey.?

  • PHOTOS-N-GRAPHICS 3 years ago

    LOVE YOUR SYSTEM. YOU MAY NOT BE yeilding much because it does not look
    like you used any kind of fertilizer. You need nutrients to make a lush
    plant. I have never dealt with hydroponics, but the plants need food, not
    just water. What are clay balls? Where do you get them and the basket

  • Christian Child 3 years ago

    All he has to do people is go outside… Look at it and say Uhh Huhhh! And
    that’s about it! This man is GENIUS! lol… I love it!?

  • Jim Lahey 3 years ago

    awesome!! thanks for the info!?

  • Yofatboy123 3 years ago

    How many hours do you need to turn the pump off and on, on the timer? ?

  • Brian Owen 3 years ago

    Hi Kevin Really like your set up, what nutrients do you use and what ratio
    to the water do you mix Thanks?

  • Budd Ha 3 years ago

    Love your system and very esthetic…?

  • james' games 3 years ago

    im new to gardening and wanted to know if this set up would work with the
    roots hanging freely on the inside and a misting hose running along side
    the large pvc pipe misting the roots??

  • Panty Snatcher 3 years ago

    Do you use a air pump with air stone ??
    what size net pot do you use ?
    look good happy growing :)?

  • HortonKansas 3 years ago

    Great job man…. One of the best thought out, neatest, simplest systems
    I’ve seen.?

  • VN Dustoff 3 years ago

    Put a sprouted banana (a 3′ ornamental type) in my 4″x40′ pipe in my green
    house in the philippines. It grew to 5’+ and packed the whole 40ft pipe
    nearly tight with roots..this species of banana doesnt grow to 5ft?.a
    typhoon finished off my 30x100ft hydro project :-(?

  • click411 3 years ago

    how long and how many times a day fo you flood the plants?

  • monirkuet 3 years ago

    Hi Did you put concrete for the base PVC pipes on which the all other pipes
    are setup ? Or just dig in the ground and set it up ??

  • VN Dustoff 3 years ago

    Wtf happened to my post below?

  • esterripa 3 years ago

    What size of net pot are you using??

  • Kevin Todd 3 years ago
  • Keith Smith 3 years ago

    Does the wind ever disturb the net pots? I’m just leery of doing this
    simply because I don’t want the wind to rip the net pots out. Great video.
    Very informative

  • Sunny W 3 years ago

    Hello Kevin, I am attempting to build a simular system to yours. I am
    building mine in a straight run of 45 ft. I am going to run mine as a
    continuous flow with 3/4″ overflow return line. Could you please tell me
    exactly what pump your using? I will be lifting the water about the same
    height as yours or possibly 1′ higher. I am using 4″ PVC supported by my
    wooden privacy fence with 15″ setback off fence. Any thoughts would be

  • Kevin Todd 3 years ago

    You have to tie the plants like I did but you need to 6″ pipe not 4″ the
    wind will not be a issue