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Enjoy loves! Hope you like my plant wall and new plants!!! Hoya Collection Plant Haul Video: Get this makeup look. Here is the tutorial: My plant wall was inspired by youtuber @lifestyleataglance. Please check her youtube page out! This is where I got my idea from. Go follow her, her plant videos are amazingg!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHanging Plants House Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor PlanHouse Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plants RomanceTrain Plants Up a Concrete Wall with Heavy Duty Loop Hooks – This Old HouseBeautiful House Plants Picture Gallery For Your Office Home Or Garden | Indoor Wall HangingIndoor Wall Hanging Plants | Indoor House Or Office Plants Picture CollectionHow to Grow Money plant | Clear Glass Wall Mounted Planter | Money plant Growing Ideas//GREEN PLANTS

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  • Aneta eS 4 weeks ago

    Monkey Mask monstera likes a little bit lower light situations, it’s good that you take it from the window it was too much for this plant.

  • Aneta eS 4 weeks ago

    Spider plant likes to be in small planter ( tight one).

  • Carlos Olea 4 weeks ago

    You’re eyeshadow is super cute. Love the plants as well.

  • Desiree Ebojo 4 weeks ago

    where do you buy plants online and cuttings? I like all your gold planters too..

  • Unicorn Indy 4 weeks ago

    Spider needs more light to curl more

  • Sally Smith 4 weeks ago

    You have Great plants…you are sooo funny great personality.

  • Michelle Phillips 4 weeks ago

    Love your channel:) Could you do a video on how you deal with pests that get on plants?

  • insanelymaddy 4 weeks ago

    Subscribed as soon as i saw you talking to the " big sister " lipstick plant! Lovely plants n yr personality!

  • ebony williams lovinmynaturalself 4 weeks ago

    I forgot where you said you got the gold plant pot with the legs and the silver pothos and the white one with gold triangles ????

  • Benson Yang 4 weeks ago

    Omg im so jealousssssssssss

  • JavaGirl 4 weeks ago

    OMG I thought only people in movie talk like this. You are so funny

  • HaC YLD 4 weeks ago

    Is that a rubber plant ( ficus elastica ) @ 2:28?

  • Kara Isabella 4 weeks ago

    Love your plant wall and plants! Everything looks so healthy!