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Skin. Hair. Immune system. Toilet habits. Sleeping patterns. Listen to hear how the juice plus capsules have changed my lifestyle and have me bouncing out of bed in the morning! Email me at for more details Have a beautiful day! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow Juice Plus Berry Capsules Have Helped me…Purple Juice Plus Vineyard Blend Capsules Science Emma BuckleyJuice Plus: The Premium Capsules Explained 😍🍒🍇Juice Plus Journey Update Week 5Healing Multiple Sclerosis and my Juice Plus journeyjuice plus – how to make a shake

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  • Josie McManus 1 year ago

    sounds amazing im 21 now and im still struggling with combo skin and acne and ive tried all kinds of things i noticed you said it worked well for skin does it help with acne , i know dairy isnt good for acne prone skin so i try to stay away from those products , but and i struggle with the same problems you mentioned as well but id love to know if it helps acne ?

  • athruaathrua 1 year ago

    dam! you're so freaking hot!!!!

  • Pretty Girl Cafe 1 year ago

    I totally agree!! Not only is my immune system better and I have more energy, but the skin and hair benefits are truly amazing!

  • Combat-18 GYM 1 year ago

    Just watch out for the fact your locked in for 4 months supply that continues unless you call and cancel you'll pay $400
    I'm still trying them and had my blood works tested before starting and will have it tested after 4 months.
    looking forward to seeing the results.
    I am extremely healthy so not sure what if anything will change except my back account

  • lydiasquid 1 year ago

    im a distributor but also love the products. i agree with Sophie i used to have cold every 2 or 2 months and this year ive had 1 cold so far. very quickly i found my waist was smaller and bloating gone even after night shifts. used to get ibs tummy pains daily and these have gone too x hair feels stronger but i do use coconut oil as well.

  • jeremy smith 1 year ago

    Hi Sophie,

    You seem like you a very supportive of juice plus, but the important question I would like to know is are you a distributor of juice plus or do you GENUINELY believe in the product? I find it difficult to believe anyone who distributes a product and earns money from it, telling me that its worth taking, if you get my drift 🙂 I am taking it myself at the moment, and I guess I do feel a little better but there is no dramatic improvement that Im noticing and Ive been taking them twice a day (2 tablets morning and night) for over 2 months now.

    Looking forward to your reply


  • The God Send 1 year ago

    You are so gorgeous, love. Are you single? LOL!

  • ewan thomas 1 year ago


  • zoddach 1 year ago

    Can you tell me what other vitamins you should take along with the Juice Plus capsules?  I currently take a multivitamin, calcium, Omega 3 and so on.  Just wondering if the Juice Plus will take the place of these other supplements or to you add it to your daily routine?

  • Ahmed Faris 1 year ago

    what about your energy levels ? Is it different?

  • Ioana Andrea 1 year ago

    are these vegan?

  • Pagie Lps 1 year ago

    how much to start

  • Micah Levi 1 year ago

    Great personal stories about you and your JP… AWSOME

  • RawMan Raines 1 year ago


  • Melanie Hurley 1 year ago

    This was fantastic!  Thanks for sharing.  I love my Juice Plus too!!