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Here I take a tour around my grow room there you can see my homemade (DIY) hydroponic system in a secret jardin 150w grow tent. In the tent I have 2x 400w HPS lights and two Ikea boxes for water capture. Next to the tent I have the reservoir (A big Ikea box 120L if I remember correctly) , there I have 2x pumps one for the drip system inside the tent and the other I’m experimenting with to filter the water (I will explain later). I bought a EC PH meter on ebay and I leave it in the water permanently. Outside the tent I have a Ebb & Flow system under a fluracent fixture. I build the frame above it using old metal shelf sides from a thrift store. Related PostsIndoor Grow Room and Hydroponic System Setup Time-lapseCoCo Mix Indoor Weed Garden Tour | Learn How to Grow Marijuana | Cannabis Room TourHydro Halo Halo’s – Grow Room Drip System Setup Best Easiest Drip Systems for Indoor GardensIndoor Grow Room 5 – Growing Ripe Tomatoes Indoors!Indoor Grow Room #4 – Ripening Tomatoes!Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Gardening using Zip Grow Towers

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  • icon7888 1 year ago

    that's so kool, u can film it yourself! You r brilliant!