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Two years ago I decided to develop the first fully-automated hydroponic system in the world for food production. Here’s the first public debut of the system, and the reason why I ended up investing in a competitor’s company instead… For links mentioned in the video: – List-Building training. – Mike Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsSuper Nova All In One Hydroponic Grow Box System by Dealzer.comHYDROPONIC GARDENING SYSTEM – Invest and Make Money with Hydroponic Gardening!Hydroponic Grow System | Super Flow Aeroponics SystemDwc hydroponic watermelon,cantaloupe, squash 6/12Build Your Own Hydroponic Fodder System for Cattles Part-3 (Sprouted Seeds Feeding)

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  • LikeThat! 5 months ago

    I just watched video 1-7 and I really appreciate those videos, great content! Mike, I got a couple of ideas that I would love to run by you. I just need a few minutes. One is to do with agriculture. The other has to do with realty. I don't want money sir. I need the help and the opportunity to live out my dream like you do. And, you do it well if I might add.. Thanks for your time Mike. Excited to hear from you!

  • Elliot Neudorf 5 months ago

    Well done amazing product

  • Nancy Hoang 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Mike, do you happen to have a business email?

  • Jason Waite 5 months ago

    Mike, I like how you just went for it, found a better product, then just joined fortunes w/your skillset, and investing in it. Dig'n that. Props man.

  • Jason Waite 5 months ago

    Mike, 0 down to get unit, and charge me 1/2 my food budget/ month i'm in! 🙂

  • Paul Roberts 5 months ago

    I took a look at this "Click and Grow" hydroponic system. It's nice for making fresh (and organic herbs, but doesn't begin to put a dent in the problem Mike Dillard describes. Specifically, it cannot make sufficient quantities and varieties of organic produce to meet anyone's dietary needs.

    There are plenty of hydroponic indoor systems out there in kit form. What is the unique value proposition for this one?

  • Corinne Lynne 5 months ago

    I was all stoked into finding out more info on your education program, that it, until you whipped out the VR goggles.
    non ionizing radiation (nIR) is emitted from wireless devices. It is a serious threat to public health and all the while, the FCC looks the other way. Business and money are much more important than public health.

    I invite you to visit my google+
    profile (not the profile Im currently on) where I have been researching many topics relating to EMF, RF and microwaves.
    Many serious health effects are associated with pulsating, non ionizing radiation (nIR): cancer, cataracts, weakening of your blood-brain barrier, memory loss, fatigue, depression, sleep disruption, hypertension, diabetes 2, oxidative stress, calcium leakage from cell membranes, and breaks in DNA chains to name just a few.
    It (nIR ), affects the brain, balls and boobs first.
    @oakleycelltower twitter @corinnelynne66 instagram

    I would still like to find out about your education program but without VR headset.
    Nice video. Interesting. Makes me wonder….

  • Bruce Levy 5 months ago

    Mike would you mind creating a video elaborating on creating an advisory board with equity share when creating a product as you have

  • Merlin Covlin 5 months ago

    It has been valuable following your journey. Look forward to the future! As of current we have started your List Grow Program!

  • good luck Mike! thanks for your realism and positivity!

  • jemaane blue 5 months ago

    I had been wondering how your endeavors were going…thanx for sharing!!

  • Xav911 5 months ago

    Thx for sharing you're story with us even if the ending was not what we expected. Best of luck for the future of Self Made Man always a joy and huge inspiration for me to listen to.

  • selma meguellati 5 months ago

    you keep inspiring me, amazing video. Good luck 🙂