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i love to grow plants, and hated to see winter come around, but now i can grow all year!! grow tents are great!!!! super cheap and easy to build. this is a 60″x60″x30″ feet tent. i started another smaller tent that is 28″x28″x60″ buy the time i get both built. i will have right at 0 in 2 tents. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow Tent Kit Commercial For DIY Indoor GardeningMEDICAL CANNABIS INDOOR GARDENING! – 4 PLANTS IN A 4X4 GROW TENT600 watt HPS Grow Tent Marijuana Hydroponics Purple Jems Buds Auto Flower weed indoor potGrow Tent Kit Indoor Gardening // Top 20 Best Sellers1 Light 1 Plant Hydro Grow Tent Setup Red Deisel STUPID! week 7New Hydroponic Grow Tent Setup – Cucumber Plants Spreading!

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