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  • ObsoletePowerCorrupts 9 months ago

    Supposed to be toiling but stops to stuff face for "research" purposes.

  • Amina Hassan 9 months ago

    yes very sexy lol

  • Growing To Live 9 months ago

    I think everyone in the comments section would like to know why your life is a mess. Quit the click bait if you're not going to explain.

  • bandita 9 months ago

    When I moved to my current place, the backyard was covered in tall weeds. Rather then just yank them out, I used a combo of a weed eater, cultivator, a "grandpa's weeder" and even a shovel to get the really deep roots that the other tools couldn't reach. Would take a whole weekend just to clear a small area. The first spot that was cleared, I put some plugs of St Augustine grass from my old place. As my cleared area got bigger and bigger, the St Augustine has spread out into a beautiful carpet and now I have a super low-maintenance yard, and now my projects are more productive, like adding herb and vegetable plants . It was a lot of hard work but really paying off in the long run. I just love St Augustine. It doesn't grow tall and even if it spreads to areas you don't want them to, really easy to just yank out because the roots are shallow. And it's so thick that it blocks out the most stubborn weeds. As I was clearing the area, my goal wasn't to get every single weed out by their entire roots, but just to get at least a clean area with most of the roots out near the St Augustine so it could spread over it quicker then the weeds could grow back. I would have never finished if I were to get every single entire roots, lol!

    Grapes and water sound interesting. My favorite bev on a yard break is chilled water with lemon or lime juice, some mint leaves, and having a magic berry beforehand. In case you don't know what a magic berry is, eating just one berry will have everything taste sweet for the next 1/2 hr or so. So basically I'm drinking lemon/lime-ade without any sweeteners added, lol!

    I love the cardboard box idea. A good idea for keeping weeds out for a garden and composting the same time.

  • Jeff Rainwater 9 months ago

    1:00 That moment when all the guys rolled their eyes and all the ladies shoved them out of the way to click maximize on the video

  • Our Blended Homestead 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for keeping it real!!! I live in Arizona too and it has still been crazy hot. My garden looks like that and I have a half acre garden! We are out of triple digits where I live and I am finally working in the garden cleaning it up! 😀 so excited for it to look all pretty again! 😀

  • Gung Ho 9 months ago

    Can you compost that grass? It's so invasive, if you leave even a molecule of it behind, it will regrow.

  • Jennifer 9 months ago

    Why is your life a mess, Jake?

  • Peter Brizolas 9 months ago

    you look a bit like the guy from transporter, only happier.

  • Zombie Fool 9 months ago

    Do ppl actually enjoy watching to stuff food in you gob? Remarkable!

  • Gerald GIlbert 9 months ago

    Jake: We've seen the six-pack before mate!!!!!!!

  • Marilyn Cabahit 9 months ago


  • AspiringVegan 9 months ago


  • Yoshihide Ishihara 9 months ago

    Sexy af

  • Lovely Bunny 9 months ago

    i'm also eating guava right now 😀

  • Gavin Matthews 9 months ago

    very sexy , mine look like that every day!

  • marcus barcus 9 months ago

    Ha Ha – best funniest video yet Jake my man – LOL – we are in mid Spring and grasses and weeds have gone nuts at a Permy food forest I tend – my area at home is ok as not as huge – lots setting fruit – real cherrys soon – a winter Palmer mango still to pick from last Summer OMG.