Five of my favourite videos! In no particular order.
Sharkman Dan.
How to grow tropical plants in the UK.
How to support container grow watermelons.
Winter King apple..
How to grow Hydrangeas in containers and pots.
Husqvarna 365 X Torg review. A great chainsaw.

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My favourite five videos!

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  • Bryan Davies

    I love your videos Dan, keep them rolling. I like to know a bit more about you. Other hobbies, where you go for holidays, where do you live, etc.

  • Vox in Tenebris

    That was a good nostalgic review of your gardening video journey, I am still catching up with older videos. Dan you look so young there. I think that you have earned a great number of subs given the 'local' nature of the videos; with viewers from all over the globe. I think you have achieved a lot and people clearly like you and your style of presentation. Your friend Dan had a good eye for editing videos, funny how some people are just talented at things like that. I am not into tech what so, but I have a good camera – usually rigged to stuff to photograph the moon. – I marvel at those with a steady enough hand to film as they do with a smart phone or such. Give me my tripod and set up any day. A well earned Guiness there Dan to celebrate! I hope you continue to make great videos long into the future! Well done and thanks.