Parts list is now included below. This is a quick peek at the hardware portion of the DIY garden automation system I’ve been slowly building over the past year or so. Currently, the system is managing climate control, doing pH and nutrient dosing, fertigation schedule, light cycle, and has flood detection capability. It’s a work in progress and I’ll be sharing more about it as I go.

I’d be happy to hear any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have, and would like to know what you’ve got going on if you’re doing something similar.

Part 2 here:

Here are my home assistant .yaml files (bear with me – I’m new to GitHub):

PARTS LIST: (I’m currently unemployed so you bet your sweet ass these are Affiliate links):


BUD Industries NBF-32026 Plastic ABS NEMA Economy Box with Solid Door, 15-47/64″ Length x 11-51/64″ Width x 6-9/32″ Height, Light Gray Finish:

Plastic Internal Panel to Mount Gear:

Panel-Mount AC Connector for Box:

Nylon Standoffs:

Cable Glands for Passing Cable In and Out of Control box:


Amazon Fire Touch Panel Tablet:

Right-angle Micro USB Cable for Tablet:

Mean Well 12VDC Power Supply:

Drok Voltage Stepdown Converter with Readout:

Dupont Cables:


Screw Terminal Blocks:

8 Channel Relay Board:


Raspberry Pi kit for Home Assistant that I started with:

You can also use other hardware, check out this page for a good writeup:

Best Hardware for Home Assistant

Arduino Mega:

ESP32S WiFi Development Board (Handles WiFi communication between control box and Home Assistant server as well as from inside tent to Home Assistant server):

Whitebox Labs Tentacle Shield to Add Atlas Scientific Gear to an Arduino and provide electrical isolation of probes (pH probe needs to be isolated from EC probe):

*** SENSORS ***

BME280 Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensors for Tent and Control Box:

Waterproof Temperature Sensor for Nute Reservoir:

Atlas Scientific Conductivity Kit K 1.0 5-200,000 μS/cm:

Atlas Scientific pH Kit 0-14 pH:

Moisture Sensors:

Catch Basin Float Sensor:


Peristaltic Pumps:

Motor Drivers to Control Peristaltic Pump Speed:

Tubing for Peristaltic Pumps:

Nutrient Res Stirring Pump:

Nutrient Fertigation Pump:

Normally-Open 12V Solenoid (Allows water to flow into system until solenoid is activated, which closes it – used for flood protection. Requires 12VDC power supply and 1/4″ spade connectors):

1/4″ Spade Connectors:

Normally-Closed 12V Solenoid (Restricts water between RO res and Nute Res, requires pump in RO res to push water through it):

Pump to push water through solenoid:


Nutrient Jar Stirring Fans:

Nutrient Jar Magnetic Stir Bars:

Nutrient Jar Magnets:

Nutrient Jar Superglue (I used LePage but I don’t think it’s available in the States so this should work):


Reservoir Totes:

1/2″ Double-Threaded Bulkhead for Connections to Reservoirs:

1/2″ Tubing to go between reservoirs and out to plants:

Sharkbite swivel to attach tubing between 12V solenoid on RO res and 1/2″ float valve on nute mix res (requires wormdrive clamp to secure hose to fitting):

Wormdrive Clamp:

Nut Res Fill Float Valve:

1/4″ Float valve for DIY Humidifier and RO Res:

DIY Weigh Scale Kit for Reservoir:

*** MISC ***

WiFi-Controlled AC Plugs:

DIY Humidifier Ultrasonic Discs:

Reverse Osmosis System:

Wire Rack:

My DIY Home Assistant Garden Automation System – Climate Control, Dosing, and More. Pt.1 – Hardware

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