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18+ only My custom built DIY Sterile Rez RDWC I forgot to mention in the video the ball valves on the return lines are just in case i ever need to service the water pump when the system is full Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAlien® RDWC XL Hydroponic System Operation VideoRDWC hydroponic systemDIY Waterfall RDWC systemAlien® RDWC hydroponic system operation video dwcAlien RDWC PRO hydroponic system cannabis growAlien® RDWC set up video XL Hydroponic system DWC


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  • dave arlotta 3 months ago

    Where did you purchase the bulkheads from

  • Hefty Lefty 3 months ago

    Just out of curiosity why did you diy a current culture system?

  • Marcel Bragt 3 months ago

    Healthy plants, nice setup (Y)

  • Alex Henry 3 months ago

    First, very ingenuitive set-up that looks like it operates amazingly. I have one question, you state that your air supply is at 220 LPM (58 GPM). This equates to 3,480 GPH, and that is insane. Is this a typo or are you running multiple (I’ll assume diaphragm) pumps, each roughly supplied with 380 GPH of air? I would assume root breakage as this amount of force.

  • todizzle666 3 months ago

    Nice I'm glad you showed that web site I've been wanting to get the basics of the 13 gal systems but just my own PVC pipes thanks for the video nice job on the system

  • Homegrown Genetics 3 months ago

    Super clean setup! I'm limited to a 4'x4' tent so I only get to use a Under Current Solo 13. What made you go with the 8 gallons vs the 13? Also, what yields were you getting with this setup? Gavitas put up numbers

  • Petflora 3 months ago

    It you massively floom the rez nutes why do you need air stones in each bucket?

  • Get Up & Go Now 3 months ago

    Great video! Love the music, too! My question , " What rez technique did you go with to avoid chilling the water to keep " pyth " and other nasties out of the rez? Im a 60 year old noob in a legal state so it keeps me busy! Just in the design state bought the hardware and its time to build and get wet!! Thanks in advance for your time!

  • Trump Dog 3 months ago

    That's some dank ass Ratchet and clank music.

  • No Buddy 3 months ago

    Nice work!

  • Bud Man 3 months ago

    bulkheads for sure unis are a pain trying to set up a rdwc.

  • MrGlas4000 3 months ago

    Doing up some inspiration for a DWC system. Very nice setup you've got there ! Proper background tunes as well for a change.

  • mountainfolks 3 months ago

    Wow what an expensive set up. What was that price , over a grand, damn. Easier and a whole lot cheaper to set it up yourself.

  • How much did you save by doing it yourself?

  • Esiquio Cervantes 3 months ago

    would you recommend growing different strains with a rdwc??since you can't have different feeding regimens?

  • hey man, nice vid. just wondering, could you tell me the name of the black tubing that you used to connect to your water pump? if you could link me Lowe's/ home depot/ Amazon or wherever you got it that'd be great. I can't find it anywhere…

    nice vids just saw your chan, subscribed! I'm on my first UC rdwc grow and it's been an experience for sure…

    cheers man

  • Tommy GunnZ 3 months ago

    thinking about this set up. see how we have similar weather conditions. do u have water temp problems or run a heater or cooler? or just change ever week. taking this is a basement garden? dose the floor play a roll? sorry for the 1000???? new sub