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This is a tour of the backyard garden my dad maintains in Scottsdale, AZ, which is a very arid desert climate in gardening zone 9a. We’ll show you his decorative shrubbery, palms, succulents, cacti, and also his vegetable garden. INTERESTED IN WORKING TOGETHER? Did you know I offer super reasonably priced one-on-one coaching, do public speaking, and am open to collaborations of all sorts? Get in touch! ———————————— WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION VIDEOS: OUR WEIGHT LOSS STORY (BEFORE AND AFTER): HOW I LOST 100 LBS – 4 KEY PRINCIPLES: Things I wish I knew when I was Fat (Inspiration): ONE YEAR WITH NO SUGAR: ———————————— BRIGHT LINE EATING RESOURCES: DID YOU FIND BRIGHT LINE EATING THROUGH ME? If I’ve somehow helped your life by introducing you to Bright Line Eating, and you’ve decided you would like to do the 14 day challenge or the bootcamp, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would sign up for it through one of my affiliate links, BELOW. The price is the same to you, but I’ll get a small commission for having referred you. I’m hoping to re-invest in my channel so I can keep making videos like this, so please use one of the following links if you feel like I’ve provided you some value! MY SUMMARY OF THE BOOK BRIGHT LINE EATING: VEGAN BRIGHT LINE EATING Meal Prep! | Crazy Weight Loss (w/Recipes!): ARE YOU ADDICTED TO FOOD? TAKE THIS SHORT QUIZ TO FIND OUT: BRIGHT LINE EATING 14 DAY CHALLENGE webinar and signup: BRIGHT LINE EATING BOOTCAMP webinar and signup: LET’S BE SOCIAL! Email: Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook: Website: *** MUSIC ATTRIBUTIONS: Intro Music : Beach by MBB Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0… Music promoted by Audio […]

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  • Beth Mendoza 1 month ago

    Yellow barrels do that. I think some seeds germinate on the mother cactus.

  • Beth Mendoza 1 month ago

    Firesticks turn red in the cold winter months.

  • B. B. 1 month ago

    What a set of beautiful people. Look at that smile. It comes from their souls. What lovely a family. I haven't seen my children in fifteen years, so seeing such love is amazing.

  • Ben Wolf 1 month ago

    I love how he starts out the tour with "This shrub here, I have no idea what it is" hahaha

  • Queenie Deckard 1 month ago

    Great garden! Please do not casually touch the Firestick Cactus. It's white sap is extremely toxic.

  • Coen Heydenrych 1 month ago

    Watch out for Lantana. Here in South Africa they are classified as an invader species and can very quickly take over rivers, streams, springs, just about anywhere. Once it takes hold, it doesn't let go and will detsroy other vegetation.

  • OfftoShambala 1 month ago

    The wall of green is a fig vine… love that stuff, but if you don’t keep it thinned out, it can literally fall of the wall and it’s like a big comforter … happened at my parents house… it grew back really fast, within a little over a year it filled right back in… but it was costly to get all that foliage removed… it was ALOT of foliage. Keep it thin at the top especially.

  • Jackie Mayer 1 month ago

    The pencil cactus called sticks on fire too is poisonous and if the white sap touches your eyes you can go temporarily blind.

  • Robbie N. 1 month ago

    Did I understand correctly that this is his first season with a garden? I’m impressed!

  • Gilberto Angeloni 1 month ago

    Fala português !!