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I heard that the definition of wisdom is learning from other peoples mistakes. Hopefully, I’ve made you a little bit wiser. Appreciate yall. Related PostsA tour of my organic vegetable garden and the chicken houseHanging Succulent Arrangement in an Old Chicken FeederBuilding a Small Log Chicken House – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 10How to Clean Chicken Eggs. Sustainable organic food farming and homesteading.Living Roof Chicken CoopPolyhouse hydroponic farming business procedure to get 18 lakh rupees subsidy

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  • Ruthy Pople 10 months ago

    enjoyed this 🙂

  • Connor's Chickens 10 months ago

    Check out Connor Bradley, he taught me everything I know and he knows people with chicken houses and knows everything, he is 12 but is doing really good in the chicken business

  • GMC 06 10 months ago

    Chicken tractor shouldn't have any wire on the bottom. Check out Justin Rhodes.

  • Theredneck Prepper 10 months ago

    Use a raised wire floor ?