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its jut past the 6 week mark and the beans are doing great they are delicious and the aeroponics system worked better than soil. . . sooo ill say. . sucess, haha Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMy Aeroponics System Week 3Marijuana 15 Weeks Flowering Low Pressure Aeroponics SystemInstalling Organically started plants into your Aeroponics system.Building My First Aeroponics SystemHydroponic system – Aeroponics – Animation with 3d programAeroponics Growing – Maintaining Your Aeroponics Growing System

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  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @darthom nope, no problems at all. . . that port could be clicked back Flush, and i had black peices of paper i put on top to shield even more

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @nickadiemus , well, this was a year and a half ago, haha, i dont quite remember those details, neither were bad though, they both just had a somewhat different taste. . . :-)

  • nickadiemus 1 year ago

    what are the difference in the taste? sweet , bitter, sour?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @MrMultimesh tocs, by scot project, amazing beat :-)

  • jbibm81 1 year ago

    it looks like you've got a clogged sprayer.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    yup constantly, i couldnt find a timer plug it, although i think constantly is a fine way to do it

  • basilbrushnz 1 year ago

    Don't know if you mentioned on your other vids but how long did you leave your pump running? constantly on or 1 minute on 5 minute off etc?

  • SSFluffy 1 year ago

    Really impressive result.
    This is the first time i have seen an aeroponics system and can hardly believe how well it works.
    Well done.

  • mieux 1 year ago

    those pipe shavings are a bitch the smallest little thing it can screw up anything

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    yeah, i have a filter around the sub pump, and only one clogged on me, but it think it was from some stuff being in there from when i built it, like a pipe shaving, other than that everything went smoothley

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    of course i did, they are getting fluchsed in this video 🙂 i would have loved to use net pots, dont let this fool you, im am very intelligent as to the ways of indoor growing and outdoor as well, i just had to make do with what was available in my area, and no worries about the roots, they are insane but soil in the pots?? any dirt falling through isnt good for the pump or the micro sprayers right?, those little sprayers looove to get clogged, haha

  • damuslvr 1 year ago

    they look ready, to cook n eat LOL. Nice experiment.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    not too much upkeep. . . . . and thank, stevia is great, i like growing mint though, smells amazing

  • samhainaz 1 year ago

    This is awesome. The Aerophonics looks like it requires a lot of upkeep though. I hope you got an A+ for this.
    This has inspired me to start(havent done it yet) growing stevia(natural sweetner) the old fashioned way though.

    Going to start in a few weeks. Too hot here in Arizona.
    thanks for the inspiration ur great in everything you do!

  • cavethor 1 year ago


  • Bivolari 1 year ago

    Lucky man. Everything you touch turns to gold. Wouldn't expect anything less from you. Green gold!