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3rd week into my aeroponics experiment, the plants are starting to flower and ill be changing my nutrient mix soon Related PostsMy Aeroponics system week 6 EndMarijuana 15 Weeks Flowering Low Pressure Aeroponics SystemAeroponics system – SuperFlowHow to make an inexpensive low-pressure aeroponics system – Improved version – Part 3Vertical Aeroponic System from MoFlo AeroponicsInstalling Organically started plants into your Aeroponics system.

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  • Javier Alexis Lopez 1 year ago

    nice comment man

  • Javier Alexis Lopez 1 year ago

    jerry if you want to really 'grow you food' outdoor is NO cost, it really is, you just have to get creative,stay green

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @campgnartron yes, Its thick construction plastic held in place by ph nuetral non bacteria growing Silicon, it's there to stop the sprays of water from hitting the lid of the Bin and leaking down the sides

  • campgnartron 1 year ago

    can you explain that skirt you have on the inside of the lid please? Is that just duct tape? and if so does it change the ph of your nutrient solution?

  • MarcusAurelius 1 year ago

    What plants are they?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @JerryOHsu well, thats not really what i tested for, so i cant say for sure, like i state in my last video in this series, there is a high initial cost, but it feathers out after that, also depends on the nutrients you buy, what size pumps, and lights, I also say that it's a great hobby, for people who prefer to watch and interact with their food, or at least some of it, sometimes thats worth more than store prices to some people 🙂

  • JerryOHsu 1 year ago

    Hey, I've just started getting in interest in hydroponic/aeroponics and I was wondering how cost efficiant it all is compared to buying the food you can grow yourself from a grocery store? What I mean is, after you've bought all the equipment (the pump, the lights, the nutrients etc.) and the amount of electricity needed to power the pump and the lights, is it cheaper, the same, or more expensive to do this in the long run as opposed to just buying the products from a grocery store?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @combatarmsloveable , i like this better, more oxygen to the rootzone, the dripping sounds are nice to fall asleep to

  • sheemsheem 1 year ago

    @SpidermanRun Some c02 methods are small-scale and cheap like the DIY l3ottle sugar and yeast one…perhpect phor smaller grows with supplying c02 to the plants

  • Jon Burhan 1 year ago

    @juicyjuicejosh No problem man. Yeah it's pretty much the last "attempt" to get the most out of growing, when a person can't do anything else in their grow space. I don't think anyone really needs to use it unless they are chasing perfection, and I think that's kinda stupid since you can't exactly predict every single thing that happens in nature (plants). Like a person that says they are gonna be a perfect parent, just isn't the case in reality. If you don't think you need it, then you don't 🙂

  • Jon Burhan 1 year ago

    Everyone who has tried using CO2 usually stops using it since the benefit of it comes only when the environment is 100% PEFECT, then it works wonders to get extra. Other than that, I'd say nearly every grower out there has yet to perfect their growing environment so before using CO2, one should spend their money on getting a better environment and conditons for their plant, and see the % increase that way. It's like those morons who buy really expensive cars but drive it once yr

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @juicyjuicejosh it helps a little bit. . . if you have to the time mess with it, its an option, if you dont feel like it. . it's no big deal

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @ramonecaxa i was using Liquid earth Vigor and Grow/bloom. . . . the Vigor was allways in at 3 ml per gallon, and the grow/ bloom nutirents were allways at 5 ml per gallon

  • Ramón Amandi 1 year ago

    How many ppm of the nutrient must be in the water?

  • iLL MacLeven 1 year ago

    @SpidermanRun What I did Was Take a Plastic Coffee Jar And Drilled a Hole into the Lid and ran Air tube from there to My Box, Then You can get a medium sized eye dropper Then Drill another hole in the lid big enough to get a snug fit with the Eye dropper, Then Fill it with Vinegar, Then add a bit of Baking soda in the jar, Close the Lid Attach the Eye Dropper to the lid, and There Ya Go a DIY co2 Diffuser… You Can Adjust The Size of the jar and whatnot that way it works better for your system

  • petthekittyz 1 year ago

    @japhydean you want about 15GHP per spray nozzle

  • petthekittyz 1 year ago

    Wheres your fan?

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    @meth062 i actually have, but for a small system like this it is kind of overkill, i do sit in front of my plants everyday and read, and breath out on them which seems to be working 🙂

  • meth062 1 year ago

    Nice system, have you considered adding co2?

  • Kern Ramsdell 1 year ago

    putting an oscolating fan in the room will make your plants stronger. The constant bending from the sway of the plants tears and repairs the stems.