Mud crab farming is very popular in some Asian countries like Bangladesh, India,
Thailand, Philippine etc. Mud crab has huge demand and price in international
market. Crab is very tasty and many countries of the world import huge amount of
crabs for consumption every year. As a result, there are huge possibilities of
earning foreign currencies by exporting crabs.

The main benefits of crab farming are, labor cost is very low, production cost is comparatively lower and they grow very fast. Commercial crab farming business is
developing the lifestyle of the people of coastal areas. By proper care and
management we can earn more from crab farming business than shrimp farming.
And small scale crab farming is gaining popularity day by day. Mud crab farming
systems in coastal areas are described on this video.

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Introduction (00:00)
Advantages of Mud Crab Farming (00:36)
Types of Mud Crabs (01:04)
Green Mud Crabs (01:21)
Red Claw Crab (01:39)
Mud Crab Farming Methods (02:07)
Grow out System (02:17)
Fattening System (03:55)
Fattening in pond (04:19)
Fattening in pens or Cages (05:45)
Water Quality (06:45)
Crab feeding (06:56)
Marketing (07:20)


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MUD CRAB FARMING | Vertical Crab Farming

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MUD CRAB FARMING | Vertical Crab Farming

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