This video shows the overall construction and concept of how my Mr. Stacky vertical garden was setup and how it “should” work.

Shopping list for 2 complete stack, 40 holes plus lower pots:
-Qty 1 (10 foot) 3/4 inch galvanized conduit (clean well before use)
–Have store rep cut to 6 feet, cut & thread; use other 4 feet for second stack (if you choose to build 2 stacks).
-Qty 1 (2 foot) 3/4 inch galvanized conduit (clean well before use)
-Qty 1 (3/4 to 1/2 inch threaded conduit reducer) to hammer on so you don’t mess up the tops of the vertical conduit, or your pots may not go on as easily as they are supposed too. REMOVE ONCE POLES ARE INTO THE GROUND IN DESIRED POSITION.
-Qty 1 (10 foot 1 1/4 PVC pipe)
–I made 2 cuts at ~27 inch height (this is where the bottom pot will meet the pvc and rest).
-Qty 1 (10 foot 3/4 PVC pipe) for upper supports across stacks/to fence.
-Qty 2 (3/4 inch pvc connectors) I don’t know what they are called, they secure the conduit and 3/4 inch pvc pipes to one another and the fence.
-Qty 2 (3/4 inch pvc clamps) & 4 exterior SS screws to reduce corrosion.
-Qty 2 whatever size pots you may want for your base “collector” OR you don’t need anything at the base; but it’s a good idea because over time weight might push the pvc into the ground. Mine sits on the base of the pot, so the pot load is spread across the entire surface area.
-Pea pebbles or other media for base of pots to induce drainage. ******I drilled a 3/4 main hole for conduit, and 1/4 holes for additional drainage in my pots******

-Hammer ( small sledge or buckshot type make quick work; but standard will work)
-Magnetic level (non-magnetic also works).
***IMPORTANT – make sure your conduits are straight up and down so drainage is equal all the way down your pots****
-Drill with bits needed for the screws you put in the fence, in the 3/4 pvc clamps.
-PVC pipe hand cutter (looks like snub nose industrial pipe scissors, and makes quick work of cutting pipes).
-Measuring tape
-Marker or pencil

The next video will show drip operation prior to planting to identify any discrepancies.

I’ve never done vertical growing before, so please comment and suggest any improvements you can think of.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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Mr. Stacky Vertical Grow Garden

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