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This is from a copy of Geoffrey Smith’s Vegetable Garden laserdisc – a much missed and admired gentleman of the garden Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Install Drip Irrigation – Part 2 Vegetable GardenWinter Tour of My Vegetable Garden, part 3 – Moringa TreeWinter Tour of My Vegetable Garden, part 4 – Malabar SpinachHome Vegetable Gardening Part IISquare Foot Vegetable Gardening – Part twoSquare Foot Vegetable Gardening – Part one

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  • Meredith Richardson 3 months ago

    That is some nice looking garden soil…

  • redhotmelter 3 months ago

    It's nice to watch a video without it being full of ad's these days. Thanks for the upload, it brought back some great memories.

  • vincent neale 3 months ago

    At last a real gardener much loved and missed I just bought the book of the series.

  • druidwulf 3 months ago

    Been searching (for what feels like forever) for any footage of Geoffrey Smith, I have so many happy memories of watching Mr. Smith with my Grandad.

  • Nicholas Sans Pasty 3 months ago

    I've wanted to see this for a very long time, really appreciate the upload.

  • Tim - youtube watcher 3 months ago

    Brilliant, so nice to hear the unmistakable voice of Geoffrey Smith. I have such fond memories of watching him as a child. Thanks for uploading this gem.