Hi Guys 😀 in this video Hans and I bring in the Cacti & Succulents hanging baskets we had on the plant stand in the yard into the polytunnel as the nights are getting colder and in preparation for overwintering them soon 😀
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Moving the Cacti & Succulent hanging baskets from our yard into the Polytunnel -VLOG

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  • Sara Dobravc

    Do we have to water suculentas more than cactuses over winter?and they need a little warmer temperatures? Am i right?

  • Eileen Mailloux

    You certainly have outgrown the polytunnel! I hope you find another place that's perfect for you because we all love watching you grow!

  • Mibby K

    Hello I have a question. I'm desperate. I just bought a string of tears plant that's beautiful and growing so well, I've only had it for about a week. But the problem I noticed is in the soil there's a lot of small bugs. Some flying and some not flying one's. I've put it outside even though I want it as an indoor plant and so far no improvement, the pests are still there. Please let me know what you think I should do??

  • Declan O'Gorman

    Hi Lyn can i ask a question or two? i have several small Agaves in pots which i've brought inside ,should i water them during the winter or let them dry out like my cacti? also i have two big Dasylirion and Nolinas in pots in the garden ,should i shelter them for winter or leave them out to take rain,snow etc? please advise if you could ,it would be very much appreciated. thank you

  • Green Gardener

    OMG you growing Dragon fruit plant in hanging basket :), I have alot of Dragon fruit plant in my garden and have alots of beautyful flowers and sweet fruit every year, i dont know you grow them like cactus collection :). And also I want to say yours voice so exciting, you are beautyful lady and have a beautyful plants :-)). cheerse from Australia.

  • Given To Grow

    I love how you put those temperature tips throughout the video. That takes time but its so helpful so just know Its appreciated. 🙂 I just discovered my schlumbergera (outside still) just came into flower bud and they are everywhere. I am sad because If I bring it in and of course completely change its growing environment I assume I will lose those buds. Thats what happened in the spring when I moved it outdoors. Oh the plant struggles. lol. THANK YOU again now I know when im done watching this I need to go rescue my little rhipsalis I have outside.

  • Victoria Brown Frank

    If y'all are planning to stay there or haven't moved yet try next summer spring building a small framework and put clear plastic over the framework to keep the rain out of the cactuses that don't really like it they'll still get the Sun but no rain. That way you won't have to move them so early or you can even make a small little cool frame Greenhouse kind of thingy. And we call those little ties, zip ties.
    You were talking about moving and building yourself a greenhouse Alaska build's High tunnels for their colder weather and in the summer rolling up the sides check into it hope it works for you.

  • Caroline Mumzie

    Where was your string of pearls are they in the polly tunnel or indoors ❤️❤️❤️ another great video thanks so much for all your updates it helps me so much with the care of my succulents and houseplants lots of love from London ❤️

  • Ben F

    Oh Lyn I checked my cuttings yesterday now schlumbergera orange Brazil has flower buds but sadly I'm so upset as I've been away and my rhipsalis paradox's has done all mushy and I cried when I saw they my schlumbergera segments where mushy too we had a light frost in uk last week so got way too cold

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