Darlene came out to help in the greenhouse again! I’ve been so busy building new greenhouses that I have fallen behind in the lettuce house! This is how we “transplant” in hydroponics. It’s a lot of fun!
Take a look and let me know what you think!

Moving Seedlings Into The Hydroponic System Troughs

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  • Andy Baciocco

    Hey Chuck! @ 5:54 on the video there's a trough that has really tight spacing. How is that one used as opposed to the ones that have 8" spacing? Love you videos! Blessings to you and Darlene!

  • Mojo Blades

    Loving your videos guys, learning so much and this system is so simple, can't wait to try it! One question though, if i can see correctly, you are putting your seedlings in the system still with the soil, right? Does this cause any problems down the line, clogging the filters, or the pump?

  • Greens & Gills Greenhouse - G3

    Hey Chuck I have another question. Are you using the Essential Plus when you do your seeding in the Oasis foam?

  • Mike VanDuzee

    Very cool! I have been using the downspout like a Kratky non circulating set up. I like seeing them in a regular NFT! Subbed your channel, going to check out your other videos.

  • Don't be late for dinner Belle!

    Yes we love your wife's energy. Enjoy watching it come along, my favorite is when your wife cheers on the plants. Till next time guys. Belle.

  • Kenny Beans

    Hey Chuck! I am right around 3 weeks seed to harvest. What pH level do you keep it around? And for the MB I am using 10g 10g 5g for each 5 gals in my res. What amount are you using for masterblend? Loving the setup! And I got half a harvest and it was about 3 pounds. Seems the family loves it too because they always grab some as they walk by! I might have to make a greenhouse outdoors as I have this setup indoors great room by the living room! 🙂 Thanks again and keep up the videos! This is a great growing method and love how fast they grow back after a harvest!

  • In the garden with Papa

    Chuck nice to see Darlene planting and making sure the plants they don't get fungied!! You have certainly starting to maximize the space in the greenhouse. It looks so organized in the troughs. That cabbage is amazing to see how large it is in those troughs. I like the clothes pin idea of markers.


  • Greens & Gills Greenhouse - G3

    It's so great to see your family all working together. I'm looking at the grow media Oasis you are using. What size is working best?
    Thanks, Von

  • Jesse Meyer

    Your full grown butthead lettuce convinced me to try this type of hydroponics. What I like most about how you guys did it is how clean it keeps this way.

  • Little Bean's Garden

    loved the team work! That is what i call success! LOL that cat had me in suspense thinking if it was going to claw the green house or at least try 🙂

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