Motherplants @ 1st Urban Ag Summit 2012

they grow a number of plants for green roofs, make an organic pine mix,
and provide services to the green roof industry.

for more info:
about 1st Annual Urban Agricultural Summit at Ryerson University
The 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit is being organized by Food Share, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Housing Services Corporation, Ryerson University and the Toronto Food Policy Council
The Summit is presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Food Share from August 15 – 18.
bringing together a diversity of people that are making it happen – design professionals, community groups, social housing advocates, tenants and developers, educators, planners, homeowners, urban growers and others – to share what is working, and to discover what is possible.
Major Summit themes include:

Food Security, food sovereignty and city-building
Planning and design of innovative infrastructure for small & large-scale urban agriculture
New technologies and innovative practices associated with production
Scaling up urban agriculture: Supportive programs, policies and governance models
Best management practices in for-profit and not-for-profit food production
Building the business case: the economics, financing and marketing of urban agriculture
Embedding urban agriculture in community development and housing

For more info:

Interview & video by Marcus for at Ryerson University,Toronto.

Motherplants @ 1st Urban Ag Summit 2012

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