The electric mosquito net, also called insecticide lamp, a device that helps to preserve the environment from mosquitoes and other insects. It is a fluorescent neon lamp, the light of which attracts insects by phototaxis. The lamp enclosed in a metal grid on whose bars the luminaire generates an electric shock which, depending on the model, is between 750 and 2500 V. The insects are therefore attracted by the light and then killed by the electric discharge; at the base of the lamp there is a container which collects dead insects and which is usually easily removable for cleaning. If you do not want to install mosquito nets on the windows, this lamp is a good solution. Some things need to be taken into account: when an insect is incinerated, you hear the noise and sometimes even the smell of burning; if you have small children, holding this lamp could be dangerous for their safety. In this case, it is better to opt for those that can be hung at the top with a hook. There are dozens of types of electric mosquito nets in various shapes and sizes; prices vary from 10 euros upwards.

An electric mosquito net

An example of a curtain mosquito net There are now many types of mosquito nets for windows. To orient yourself on which one to choose, it is advisable to evaluate each model to understand which is the most suitable for your needs, also in terms of price. To spend little there are net curtains, that is, curtains that are applied on the window and go down to the ground and do not clutter because to pass just move them away; however, they are not very comfortable because moving them makes it easy for insects to enter. Otherwise there are adhesive mosquito nets that attach with a special adhesive tape or a magnet to the gates, a quick and economical solution. Going up in price we find the curtain mosquito nets that are mounted on the window and open by unhooking them at the base, while to close them just pull a cord. The most sophisticated and most expensive are the sliding insect screens with ground guide: these are nets that are mounted on doors or windows and which open by sliding sideways, using a handle. They are fixed and durable, as well as those with doors or pleated ones.

An example of a motorized Amb mosquito net Amb mosquito nets a Mantua company founded in 2003 that directly produces and sells mosquito nets of all types and for all budgets. To buy the products, you can view the entire catalog on the Amb website, in order to choose the model that best suits your needs. The company offers a wide range of mosquito nets: the pleated side-scrolling ones, the motorized ones that open with a command, the vertical roller blinds with spring opening, the roller blinds, the lateral scrolling ones, the built-in ones specific for wooden frames, the fixed panel and those with false frame to be mounted directly on doors and windows. Amb also sells other products, such as shutters, shutters and shutters, all available in various colors and various sizes. You can buy standard size mosquito nets or you can communicate the size of your windows to the company to have the custom-made mosquito nets built.

Roller mosquito netThe roller insect screens work with a rolling system and are opened or closed with a spring or a chain that descends from above. It works a bit like normal shutters: this roller is usually mounted above the window, around which the mosquito net wraps when open. To close it you have to pull the chain, at which point the mosquito net will extend downwards and can then be hooked to the base of the window. There are also versions with horizontal sliding, especially suitable for doors. This type of mosquito nets recommended in the presence of pets or for people with mobility difficulties, because they open and close very easily, then they are very light so you don’t need to apply a lot of force to pull them. Prices vary greatly depending on the materials, but roller insect screens are generally not very expensive. Alternatively, there are cheap do-it-yourself kits, such as those sold by Brico, complete with guides, screws and springs to mount your own roller insect screen yourself.


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