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Take your indoor farming operation to new heights! Introducing Montel’s GreenRak: – Vertical High-Density Mechanical-Assist for the 21st-Century Farmer. – Load capacity: 2,400 LB per Section and 18,000 LB per mobile carriage – Rack Depth: 36″,42″,48″ -Rack Lenght: Up to 50 Feet Mechanical Or try our new take on a mobile racking classic, Montel’s Grow&Roll 8P, and Grow&Roll 8MA: – Choose mechanical-assist (Grow&Roll 8MA) or Powered (Grow&Roll 8P) Mobile Grow System – Load Capacity: 8,000 LB per section and 24,000 LB per mobile carriage -Rack Depth: 36″,42″,48″ – Rack Length: Up to 50 feet longer per mechanical-assist carriage (8MA), up to 100 feet long powered electrical (8P) MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE WITH SINGLE-TIER MOBILE RACKING. TRIPLE YOUR CAPACITY: 30% MORE GROW REVENUE VS. SINGLE-TIER STATIC RACKING. OR CUT YOUR GROWING FOOTPRINT IN HALF. ADD A FOURTH TEIR AND QUINTUPLE YOUR CROPS (700% MORE GROW VS. SINGLE-TIER STATIC RACKING). GROW 7 TIMES AND 1100% MORE WITH 6 TIERS COMPARED TO SINGLE-TIER STATIC RACKING. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSeed To Store Shelf – CubicFarm Systems – Automated Vertical FarmingLandline The Future of Vertical Farming by Vertical Farm Systems2018 Vertical Farming, Hydroponics & Aquaponics Systems (683)Benefits of Hydroponics Growing Systems Vertical Farming Aeroponics Omega Garden Greenhouse TentCannabis High Density Mobile Vertical Growing Systems by Montel Inc.Advanced Hydroponics Systems (Vertical Farming, Rotating Volksgarden, Aeroponics In Your Apartment)

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  • Steve G. 4 weeks ago

    Wow! That was an amazingly useless video. If you're paying Google to advertise it… Save your money!