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  • Dx god of game 4 years ago

    why the Enderman get rank b, what he is grow??

  • Agnieszka Kucharska 4 years ago

    Omegle LOVE:-)

  • Guido Seisveld 4 years ago


  • MCDominican 4 years ago

    Omg the zombie got an a+ for once?

  • Kluci v Akci 4 years ago

    Stupid video pig and monster?

  • David Connaughton 4 years ago

    And sida's turn as well

  • Killua Zoldyck 4 years ago

    the enderman is a stalker xD :D?

  • David Connaughton 4 years ago

    Did anyone see zzzombie sleeping on the ground when it was Henry's turn.

  • FIRE land 4 years ago

    Dude as long u do on skeleton A+ or A++ ill like :)?

  • David Connaughton 4 years ago

    And why is ender man in class?

  • David Connaughton 4 years ago

    This was made on my birthday.It is the 3rd of June?

  • Zara Maldonado Vallejo 4 years ago

    Gusta el video

  • Kathryn Velazquez 4 years ago

    Love your videos

  • morgan alarid 4 years ago

    wait, how did the enderman get a score? he didn't even plant anything.?

  • andrija olujic 4 years ago

    Wtf enderman is student.?

  • Yvonne Todorut 4 years ago

    I love Monster School! <3?

  • TehMcPixelWay 4 years ago

    wow of course the pig gets a A+ XD?

  • luisa rivero 4 years ago

    y el creeper?

  • Tsefong Toh 4 years ago

    Zzzombie's first A+??

  • Kenny Darmawan 4 years ago

    Big question, How did the Enderman get a B.?

  • asif iqbal 4 years ago

    nice tiities?

  • Joseph Allie 4 years ago

    So what do you do when rain washes out the soil.?

  • Maria Lucia Gomez-Greenberg 4 years ago

    Beautiful job and great idea for our school.

  • michelle english 4 years ago

    Great job.?

  • HeyItzCho 4 years ago

    This is really cool!i wish my school can do this!!!?

  • Abel Villanueva 4 years ago

    Great work!! This serves to Inspire everyone who appreciates living green!!..congratulations on a job well done but the cooperation a great accomplishment!?

  • DOODLE HEAD 4 years ago

    Also don't leave kids with knifes lol?

  • DOODLE HEAD 4 years ago

    This starts out kind of creepy like a horror movie?

  • Sean MacLeod 4 years ago

    Oh YEAH!!! Great idea!!! It's really nice to see people giving back to nature. I've recently done my part by discontinuing my consumption of all dairy product. Fruit for the win!! All fruit-based diet relieves stress on the environment as factory farming is currently the number one contributor to global warming! ROCK ON!!! When I begin a garden, I'm going to use hanging plastic bottles! Currently just growing fruit. Thanks for the Idea!!?

  • Bayoe prama 4 years ago

    go green

  • Antonio Travassos 4 years ago

    TODOS os v

  • Matt Katar 4 years ago

    Aeee boy 😀

  • Luis Filipe 4 years ago

    Aeh primeiro a comentar, quero ver quantos comentarios v