Monsoon Storm Season in Arizona.
Foodscape Urban Gardens Flourishing With Natural Rain.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the year for a gardener anywhere is the natural rain storms that come to refresh your garden. There is no substitute for the mineral rich water that falls right out of the sky. It does miracles for your plants and it’s refreshing to see the amazing changes in the health and growth of your plants and fruit when they are naturally fertilized.

We try to catch as much of this water as possible and use it later to continue watering on those days when there is no rain. The monsoon season in the Arizona mountains is the time for which we wait. Usually the first of the monsoon storms show up in early July and stop around Mid to late August. We get about 2 months of good storms if we are blessed with a good season.

The primary growth of our veggies and fruits relies on a good monsoon season like…

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Monsoon Storm Season in Arizona. Urban Gardens. Foodscape.

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