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Rise of vertical farming in the city 도심 속에서 자라나는 ‘버티컬팜’ Along with the reduction of agricultural land which is caused by urbanization as well as population growth, the food of the future has faced significant challenges. Therefore, a variety of methods that can cultivate food more safely have garnered a lot of attention. Vertical farming enables the cultivation of crops all year around in the city regardless of climate change, by controling the light and temperature. Also, it has reduced possibilities of disease and insect pest, so it has emerged as a new type of agriculture in urban areas. A vertical farm has recently been established at a subway station, which is a sunless place. It is a small farm which was built inside the subway station, at an underused space. As it has collaborated with an automated system, which enables robots to take care of sowing and harvesting, it has captured a lot of attention in the market. The fresh vegetables raised at the Metro Farm have been provided at a cafe located next to the farm. Vertical farming has also been introduced to restaurants. As the restaurant consumes a lot of vegetables, it used to feel burdened by the high price of vegetables. And the vertical farm has tackled the existing difficulties facing the restaurant. Customers can check the farm which raises vegetables that are served to their table. Vertical farming, which has been applied to a lot of different areas, has also been introduced to schools and used as a method that can foster talented manpower. By raising the agricultural products at a vertical farm, students can learn more about vertical farming, which is an emerging agricultural skill for the future. We introduce vertical farming, which is expected to solve the labor shortage as well as […]

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