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Modular Spiral Aeroponics* is Vertical mass planting method, Plant Factory KOREA’s patented item #1 1. By overcoming the disadvantages of popular systems, minimum modules optimized for the growth of plants have been developed. 2. It can be freely coupled at various angles, and can be used to adjust the amount of mounting per unit area. 3. The expansion is possible without restrictions on the type, size, location, and shape of buildings, both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to expand the building vertically. 4. Regardless of seedling type, seedling can be easily planting, Disassembling, assembling is easy, so it is easy to plant and harvest. 5. With an even range of solar radiation, plants are able to grow evenly, grow horizontally, vertically, and in height, making automation easier to control. 6. Not only solar energy, but also artificial light sources have even range of radiation, so Increment can be achieved as a result of the growth of plants. 7. Instead of single-sided LED lighting, the HCFL lighting, which produces 360 .light, maximizes energy savings and plant growth, and produces a variety of colors to suit the plant characteristics. Modular Spiral Aeroponics* is trade mark of RIPE. CO., LTD. all rights reserved @ RIPE CO., LTD. Related PostsModular Spiral Aeroponics* – vertical Farming ContainerModular Spiral Aeroponics* – vertical Farming LightingsModular Spiral Aeroponics* – Vertical Farming container – self helpModular Spiral Aeroponics* – vertical Farm FactoryModular Spiral Aeroponics* – vertical Farm FactoryModular Hydroponic Tower Garden – Printing

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