Modular Spiral Aeroponics* is Vertical mass planting method,
Plant Factory KOREA’s patented item #2

These lightings are HCFL, not LED,

HCFL : High Compound Fluorescent Lighting
1. No filament.
2. Comes in a variety of colors.
3. Possible to control the brightness of the light.
4. Possible to turn on several discharge tubes with one ballast.

The difference between HCFL lamp and LED lighting
1. The lamp is cold and does not require a cooler.
2. The subject has good clarity at the same light.
3. Face light sources provide little glare and eye strain.
4. Less light transmittance caused by fog, smog, and dust
5. The brightness of a wide area is even compared to bright LED’s only at certain locations.
6. It gives off a wide range of light waves, and can be used to promote plant growth by selecting
light with specific wavelengths like LEDs.
7. It can be used in all areas where lighting is needed, such as home, office, shopping, street
lamps, and factories, and is suitable for plant plants with its long life and high efficiency.
8. There is less Black Spot between lamp and lamp.

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Modular Spiral Aeroponics* – vertical Farming Lightings

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