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This module is 20ft container for self-help vertical farming. It has its own incubating system at back part of container, so keep electricity on , continuously produce vegitables. Modular Spiral Aeroponics* 1. Modular Spiral-Aeroponics* consists of a tube and a redobility, and the redobilization consists of a glass greenhouse or vinyl house. Empty office buildings, empty warehouses, and factories can be used, not ordinary farmland. This system can be installed on the roof and also on the cargo container. 2. Use of patented Planting Port Module to achieve vertical extravaganza. In addition, by using the Fog Spray method, the amount of use is extremely small to prevent contamination. 3. It also utilizes the patented HCFL, which enables optimized light intensity survey for plant growth, thus providing unit area Up to 24 times, at least 80 times a year, and maximizing energy savings. 4. The whole process of production, formal, and cultivation is controlled by an antimicrobial system under automation. It is possible to produce clean, pollution-free vegetables. 5. Using agoration promotion techniques, the size and weight of the object are uniform. As plant n tissues are refined, the texture is not only good, but also the refrigerator and shelf life are long. 6. Planned production is possible throughout the year, regardless of the number of fruits, Polettes and root vegetables, and the amount of production It is easy to adjust and can produce multiple kinds of small quantities, so possible to respond quickly to order production. 7. It has secured tissue culture technology to realize a good variety of commercialization. In particular, it has more than 5 times the potato seed production technology to produce Potato seed- G0, G1. 8. It increases the overall agricultural output by producing and selling excellent varieties. 9. Be able to react with suitable for […]

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