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Here is a tour of the modular farms indoor hydroponics setup using some of the most advanced technology available for growing indoors. Even though this looks like a shipping container it is not. This indoor farm was built using insulated panels so it can grow food anywhere. Walking in this farm felt like you walked inside of a greenhouse in a futuristic space movie. Who knows maybe one day there will be a modular vertical hydroponic farm on Mars! Those white towers that the plants are growing in are called zip towers. Please see my other videos and subscribe. Music: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMHydroponic farm tourOh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm tourIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingBright Agrotech Vertical Farm TourChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational Tour

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