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Welcome to Modded RimWorld Alpha 12. In part 14 of our colony, we continue building our base – without clothes (until the raiders show up…! ► Watch the Let’s Play RimWorld Playlist: ►Support Blitz on Patreon: – – – – – Here are some other suggested playlists for your entertainment: ► Let’s Play Planetbase – ► Let’s Play Anno 2205 – ► Let’s Play RimWorld Alpha 12: – – – – – Keep in touch with Blitz! Subscribe: Twitter: Steam Group: – – – – – These are the mods we will play with in this series: ► No Mechs – ►Hospitality – ► Brunayla’s Security Co – ► EdB interface: ► RTG (Power Source) ► EdB Prepare Carefully – ► Prepare carefully profiles – – – – – – Need help installing these mods? Click on this – – – – – – RimWorld Alpha 12 is here! You can now tame animals, milk them, eat them, and train them into whirling furry/scaly death machines! They’ve also added codified room roles and statistics (like room wealth and room impressiveness), new traits, animals, threats, items, bonuses, bugfixes, and bugs. Animal taming ►Colonists with the Animal Handler work type will now interact with animals to train and tame them! ► Handlers can tame animals. They approach designated wild animals with food and attempt to tame them to make them part of the colony. ► Trainable skills: Obedience, Release, Rescue, and Haul! ► Added Animals main tab, which lists all colony animals and provides interfaces to set their master and area restriction. Each animal has a ‘wildness’ indicating how difficult it is to tame. Animals have a minimum handling skill. Player is warned if they designate […]

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  • John Normoyle 1 year ago

    quick question time: when do the mechs come into play

  • jackaboy sam 1 year ago

    that jiuce machine be alot beter in normal rimworld cuz i hate constructing geothermal generator on the steam gayser and when raiders come before your walls around it are done it's so anoing

  • TheOneWhoTrots 1 year ago

    Did anyone else notice one of the raiders was a Barkeep like Tara?

  • Hunter Patton 1 year ago

    What does it mean when the characters "Break"?

  • Naturalyborntoki11 1 year ago

    i think your raw food is degrading since you roofed the cooler

  • Blackpoint 1 year ago

    Emmie, Sex slave… this game is really a bit weird sometimes^^

  • Aldarar 1 year ago

    Blitz, in raids you can just mark new area inside your base (after the killzone) so you won't need to draft all your people behind the door 🙂

  • nightb49 1 year ago

    the hydroponics design I use is like this: O=open area, H= hydroponics, S= sunlamp


    its a 9×9 area and its modular so you can build it as much as you want
    I put animal beds in between the hydroponics and have a zone for my pigs leading to the fridge so the colonists work on the crops yet the pigs haul it but that's optional

  • Shayan Ali 1 year ago

    Blitz are you planning on starting a new game

  • Lharalds 1 year ago

    Blitz u can uninstall batteries and they will still keep their power

  • Scott Hoyt 1 year ago

    procreate the people

  • haidirynz 1 year ago

    slime rancher giant phosphor slime near dark area

  • Daniel Basargin 1 year ago

    You should make a battery bank.

  • VSPV13 1 year ago

    Overtime is the best time, Blitz

  • MrRemixer 1 year ago

    Why don't you use the area between your bedrooms as a common room

  • Dylan LaFountain 1 year ago

    make a blacksmith so you can make better weapons and artillery shells

  • Ur mum gae 1 year ago

    We do not mind if you go over time, Blitz!

  • DeeaNutella 1 year ago

    Did anyone noticed that Emmie from 28:48 was a sex slave? lol

  • Riael Kratek 1 year ago

    Just a curiosity: Did you take on the Commonwealth?