Friends for lunch? To be immediately ready to amaze them, and to satisfy them, here is our portable barbecue. In a few simple steps you can create a delicious meal, able to satisfy all needs. Furthermore, always in a short time, the barbecue can be cleaned and stored in the cellar or in the tool shed. You don’t need a lot of space or even a lot of money: movable barbecues are among the cheapest and also among the smallest models.

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    garden barbecue
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    barbecue accessories
    The barbecue is a means of cooking widely used by those who have a garden and, in the ve

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    Gas barbecue
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  • Steel barbecue

    steel barbecue
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    barbecue grill pan
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    charcoal barbecue
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    electric barbecue
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    gas barbecue
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  • Garden barbecue

    The barbecue is the activity to which we often dedicate ourselves during the free time to spend pleasure

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    wood-burning barbecue
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  • Brazier

    By brazier we mean that container in which the coals are placed, below the grill

  • Lava stone grill

    lava stone grill
    The traditional barbecue equipped with a grill on which to place the items to be cooked in general

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