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Resource links below! In this video I show you side by side comparison on using different growing mediums. I also compared the difference between the older and newer books resources. Based on this video I believe the new Mittleider Gardening Course book is worth getting! Resources: -You can buy the Mittleider course book at: -Micro-Nutrient Mix: -Link to seed starting cells: -Seed starting trays: My Website: Social Media: Like us on Face Book: Join our Face book group:… Twitter: Instagram: Other Mittleider You tubers you may be interested in: Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenMittleider Gardening: Tomato Soil Comparison UpdateMittleider Gardening: Tomato Soil Comparison Update 07/25/15Mittleider Gardening Method: Pruning PlantsMittleider Gardening Method: How to Plant Onion StartsMittleider Gardening Method: How to Plant Swiss Chard and Leafy Greens

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  • geodeify 1 year ago

    what's an organic potting soil?

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    compost or peat moss berter to grow your seedling ok not sand or saw dust

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    sawdust is raw an can kill the seedli GS an sand do not home water drain fast the pearlite is the best

  • Moms Simple Life 1 year ago

    Thank you LDS prepper for letting me know about the newer book. The newer book is definitely a must have!