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This is a review for a aquaponics course I took online this winter. http://www.theaquaponicstore.com/?Click=3034 just click under educate yourself. This is a…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Mittleider Gardening: I Give Up, I Quit, It’s Over

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  • Jewel Ciappio

    Lds prepper, I don’t know if you have much time for reading comments on old
    videos with the new place and all, but I just wanted to wish blessings to
    you and your family, and thank you for the amazing work you have done. The
    most important step in fixing the american economy is getting people back
    to less dependency on financially motivated corporations and more into self
    sufficiency. The well being of our families depend on our choices, and any
    system that is simple and effective is better than growing nothing and
    reaping the veggie rewards at home. I am very much looking forward to
    purchasing a home in the near future, and will employ so many of your
    techniques in building our new life. Changing the way we live is only
    accomplished through education and love of which you exemplify both through
    your work. Thank you sincerely for offering this amazing resource to those
    who understand its value. ?

  • L Warren

    I am a biology major, studying chemistry, biology, and horticulture. I
    don’t understand all the naysayers here. To make a statement that this
    method is not sustainable is simply not true. Even if there were no longer
    bags of chemicals to provide NPK, I can think of many resources to supply
    those nutrients. Urine, ashes, and other “waste” products can provide that.
    I just watched a video where the commenter said that the substrate in this
    method has no microbes! What an uninformed statement. Have you never seen a
    tree in the forest that has fallen due to disease? The tree is riddled with
    millions of microbes, and is saturated with mycellium which will eventually
    produce a fruiting body. That tree is CARBON, and as it is decomposed, the
    nutrients are recycled. Sawdust was once a tree, and will contain millions
    of microbes! I have always used a biodynamic, French-Intensive gardening
    method using only organic techniques; however, I am intrigued at this
    method and once I transfer to Texas A&M I intend to conduct some intensive
    experiments. One comment in the other video I watched was that food from
    this type of garden is not as nutrient-dense as food from an organic
    garden. There is only one way to know if that is true, and that is through
    chemical analysis of the food. Anyone making unsubstantiated claims such as
    this doesn’t deserve an audience. If the produce did not receive the
    nutrients it needed, it simply would NOT grow like this! There would be
    obvious signs of malnutrition in the plants and in the fruits. I love these
    videos, and the results speak for themselves. Once I get a garden like this
    into place, I WILL CONDUCT the analysis, and repeat the experiments until I
    can make a definitive conclusion. Even those naysayers who claim that the
    fertilizer salts will ruin the soil…we are not discussing commercial
    farming. We are discussing very small scale gardening, and minute amounts
    of nutrients; the responsible use of prepared nutrients. Do you not realize
    that copper is copper is copper? Nitrogen is nitrogen is nitrogen. Reminds
    me of the time a woman told me she did not take drugs, but chose to take
    herbs to heal herself…OMG….ignorance is not bliss.?

  • stephen coleman

    I studied under Dr. Jacob Mittleider, Hollister, California, way back in
    1975-76. His method is good, but over the years I have found that diseases
    tend to be a problem. I had eventually developed a modified system based
    upon Masanobu Fukuoka, it is very inexpensive and productive. The video
    on Emilia Hazlip give a good overview. ?

  • Peter Menningen

    Hey guys the main difference (the important one) is not how you fertilize
    the crop but how you handle the pests and the weeds in the crop. As for the
    difference between store bought organic and garden picked is the freshness
    of the crop.
    That being said the major drawback with Mittleider system is that you need
    a steady source of clean water. LDSPrepper is in a town probabbly with a
    muni water source. IN a SHTW time you can epect that water supply to end.
    I’m on my own well and in draught time I have to be carefull how much water
    I use and if the electricity goes down I do not have water. For my use I’m
    goung BTE modified because it conserves water. I do believe in the
    micronutrients as I have used them in the past for potting mixes and the
    plants grow better. The big difference between MiricleGrow and the
    15-15-15 bags is that it contains the other nutrients in a water soluable
    form. I’m on a 10 acre farm and have two 60 X 60 gardens Last year using
    BTE modified I raised over 50 Pie pumkins 30 Squash I donated to the food
    pantry over 100 lbs of tomatoes, 70 lbs of cucumbers, 15 lbs of beans and
    peas, that was the produce that the two of us and our freinds coud not use.

    I use composted chicken & goose litter and manure as well as Grass and leaf
    mold. I gather my leaves with the mower which mixes them with grass
    clippings and sheet compost them in the fall on the garden. I have a
    freind who trims trees for the power company and he dumps wood chips to the
    tune of about 40 Yds a year for my use.

    I mix flowers in my garden to brighten it up as well as herbs. This
    attracts pollinators. My biggest crop is sunflowers (last year my pumkins
    almost pulled down my crop) Same garden space, which go for the migrating
    song birds. Sometimes in the winter I have flocks of doves 25-50 stop by to
    feed. I also have 3-4 pairs of cardinals, 2 or 3 pairs of Bluejays,
    woodpeckers ond other birds.

    My parents taugh me plant four seeds for every plant, One for the birds,
    one for the soil, one for the animals and one for you. A conservation
    minded person takes care of the earth so it takes care of him. ?

  • Travis Brunner

    unsustainable method that hurts your body and the earth, aside
    from poisoning your land directly the carbon footprint of this method is
    horrible. ?

  • Sharon Eaton

    The main problem is you will not get the real vitimins and minerals growing
    like that. Have a pea tested and you will see. The produce is no better
    than grocery store bought. You may produce more but neutrients your body
    needs to fight off disease will be lacking. That is why I grow organic. Now
    no more depression problems.
    Good luck with your garden. Love the looks of the garden.?

  • djay6651

    What kind of yield did you get from that snap pea crop? Did you just let
    the rest of the crop just kind of grow where it wanted to??

  • SunPower Guru

    I’m wondering if you can top your peas to control their height. This works
    with a lot of crops, and forces the plant to put more energy into fruit
    production. Maybe you could try it on a small section of plants and compare

  • Jason Egan

    Holy SNAP Batman! Can’t wait until I have that problem! Could you prune
    the tops so more grows lower or you can’t get more than one pea from the
    same area? Glad it’s working well for you!?

  • john nunya

    because you’re not growing in sand and sawdust. You’re growing in sand and
    sawdust and synthetic minerals and 16/16/16 chemical compounds.?

  • nathanlief

    Are you still using pressure treated wood? I have been trying to watch all
    you videos, its taking a little while. After seeing you fiberglass resin
    your bee hive curious if you have done the same with your raised garden
    lumber? I was thinking of using ceder but think I would be a lot cheaper
    just to resin pine. Was just wondering. ?

  • Sherry Ser

    Since I’ve discovered your videos a couple of months ago, I’ve been telling
    everyone about Mittleider gardening. My husband still can’t believe the
    soil is just sand and sawdust. 🙂 I’m growing sweet potato slips right now
    also. Thanks for sharing with us.?

  • Golfingferdie

    When I first read this I thought you really quit, The growth is incredible,
    I am starting to get into prepping. My issue with this system is you have
    rely on products that may not be available down the road if crap hits the
    fan. guessing you live in an area where soil is either sand or just not
    conducive to growing, Sawdust sound great it would hold moisture for a
    while. Is the bottom of the bed open??

  • Jonny Warrior

    I really think that some of you are over analyzing what the man is saying
    and missing his message in the process…………?

  • RealWorldReport

    Thanks for the review, this will help me make a decision regarding which
    course I will benefit the most from.?

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