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My Mittleider garden biggest change is the recovery from plant nutrient deficiencies. I did lose a hanging watermelon because it split. I could have let it continue to grow but my experience… Video Rating: 4 / 5 I have been gone for a week and what a change in the garden. We also take a peek at Mrs. LDSPrepper’s garden, her garden preps and beet harvest. Remember that tiny beet she had? Things have… Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenGarden Update June 5, 2013Kids Garden Vegetable Plants Update June 2015 | Homestead KidsNew Gardening Course Offered By GARD Center JUNE 2013Fall/Winter Mittleider Garden Update Jan. 16Garden Tower Time Lapse Spring 2013 Weekly Update

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  • Shannon West 2 years ago

    When you said Montgomery County did you mean Maryland or somewhere else??

  • Justgivemethetruth 2 years ago

    Those Sun Sugar tomatoes are great aren’t they! Love those things.?

  • Robert Gardner 2 years ago

    Good info…?

  • Mart uriarte 2 years ago

    i have taken the suckers of and placed them in a pot of water and left them
    for two weeks. They produced roots then i planted them in dirt. but next
    time i will try the way you do and up date on how they come out.

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. My entire dinner tonight came from the garden.
    It was nice knowing exactly how fresh my food was and what was and
    especially what was not sprayed on it in the garden. I hope you get another
    garden going again. It really is worth it, for me.

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    It works best sprinkled on the soil and watered in.

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    When you do you will truly be glad you did. There are several links below
    the video in the “description” box.

  • Risingnshouting 2 years ago

    Your yard is WAY bigger than mine 🙂 My grow boxes have to be out on the
    park strip next to the road. The patch of grass between the sidewalk and
    the road is 11 feet wide by 40 feet long. THis is where I have my 3 grow
    boxes. And I apply a lot of permaculture principles to keep the dirt rich
    and growing. Your plan is a GREAT plan A. Given 5 years of fertilizer, you
    can start transitioning to PERMAnent agriCULTURE if the SHTF. Some do it in
    smaller yards than yours. Great vids. Keep it up!

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    We have never composted and continue not to do so.

  • Newtacious 2 years ago

    Those tomatoes don’t look like they have a deficiency… it looks like
    early blight

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    I thought it was nuts too for a long time, until I did it. As you can see
    it really does work.

  • EddiesuperM 2 years ago

    Can you help me. I planted cucumbers they grew good and fast but now
    there’s small cucumbers and most of them turn yellow and shrink and die.
    Why is that happening is it because of too much sun or water.

  • FrugalPrepper 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that looks at a sick plant, then reads the book and is
    like “Crap, it could be any of these!”

  • Dove Money 2 years ago

    what does that taste like

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    The weekly feed has all 13 nutrients that plants need. Just like people
    some plants “eat” more than others so they need additional nutrients. Just
    my heavy eaters needed additional nutrients. Not all my plants.

  • Greg Berry 2 years ago

    Are you using any type if shade cloth here in Houston? We are having brutal
    heat as you know and I’ve pretty much lost everything this year. First year
    but not giving up!

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    Thank you. We have no plans for chickens at this time. We eat primarily a
    live plant based diet so no need for livestock now.

  • TexasPrepper2 2 years ago

    Careful with the Malabar spinach. It is almost like Kudzu. It will take
    over, and will drop lots of seeds for next year. I DO think it is a great
    SHTF plant, though. No one would think that it was edible if it was growing
    on a fence line or something.

  • boogerhead0 2 years ago

    You mention that the Mittleider fertilizer mix contains 16 nutrients. I
    count 10 items, but don’t know what the compounds would yields, as far as
    free nutrients. Looking at Grow Box Basics, page 109 (Lesson 12). Would you
    list the materials that you combine, trade names, if possible? The problems
    I’m having making a correct fertilizer mix is because his list shows, for
    example, chelated iron #330. Typically this is 10%, and I’d presume EDTA
    chelated. Thanks.

  • XhanaLabs 2 years ago

    Thanks for all the updates of your excellent success this year. Good stuff.

  • Kim A 2 years ago

    Looks like a very successful garden. When are raising livestock. I would
    like to see you have chickens.

  • pat ritchie 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, God Bless…

  • Dove Money 2 years ago

    wwhere do you live that you have all these tomatoes so early

  • ryleekayknitsandbits 2 years ago

    You are such an inspiration! Because of you I’ve attempted to start a small
    Mittlieder garden in my yard. Thank you so much for sharing all you’ve
    learned along the way to becoming a gardening PHENOM! Love it!

  • rslarsenx 2 years ago

    When did you plant your onions? And did you do seeds or sets? How deep did
    you plant them? I planted my sets February 2nd, and I’m not seeing any
    bulbs yet……

  • Wayne Meador 2 years ago

    I’m learning so much from watching your garden videos. Thank you for the
    time and effort you put into do.g this.

  • ytgv3fc7 2 years ago

    if you search hard enough you can find the link to do it yourself but for
    all that goes into it I’ll order the packet, it makes plenty.

  • 2 years ago

    Are you using chemical fertilizers? I am not sure I want to even learn
    using chemicals.

  • Britton Cook 2 years ago

    do you think you can give too many nutrients to the plant? I am container
    watering in my back yard. I am using a “mel’s mix” type soil where i have 6
    types of compost mixed in. I also am using azomite and glacial rock dust.
    On top of that i am doing the weekly feed 🙂 LOL. I learned of all this
    stuff at different times but in that order and I just went for it. The
    plants look great right now and I plan on making a video. I guess we’ll see
    how they do. Thanks LDS your garden is amazing!

  • ytgv3fc7 2 years ago

    everything is chemicals but plants & animals, including humans, have
    specific needs for copper, iron, carbon, nitrogen & so on. This is what
    works well for plants.

  • Virginia Graham 2 years ago

    exactly what is in the weekly feed?

  • Kybossls 2 years ago

    LDS, what did you use for the pipe on this 48″ bed? And the length? Thanks

  • successhomebiz 2 years ago

    I am unable to find saw dust and rice hulls here in CO.The shipping cost is
    astronomical. Plz tell me what kind of soil mix Mrs. LDSPrepper uses in her
    raised garden. I made a mix of 2/4 peat moss, 1/4 garden soil and 1/4
    perlite. Adding preplant mix and weekly feed as recommended. That seems to
    be working ok. Any recommendations?

  • Will Pardo 2 years ago

    Very nice production

  • mamasaid prepper 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting! I learn something every time I watch a video!

  • goforgreenliving 2 years ago

    Very nice garden, what kind was that tomato that already had its fruit?

  • Hana M 2 years ago

    Could you please post the link to the moisture meter, thanks great videos
    keep it coming your doing such a great job!

  • SportsFanDecor 2 years ago

    I tried telling him that and he does not listen nor does a lot of people on
    here. Chemicals destroy the soil after a few years if that is all you use.
    Also chemical sprays for pests also destroy the soil and kills all
    beneficial bugs. Use organic. I have been growing organic for 27 years and
    my garden will beat any person using chemicals by more than double and
    those are facts.Do some homework people. Maybe they will listen to you
    DrReaper but i doubt it.

  • 2 years ago

    You are aware that petrochemical fertilizers are not sustainable

  • Margaret Esposito 2 years ago

    Nice raise bed look great I guess you do not have deer in u yard!

  • neiallswheel 2 years ago

    Think you would benefit from a DIY biogas set up. All food and plant waste
    used to make gas for cooking+ the byproduct is a liquid fertilizer. Animal
    waste can also be used, + human urine is mostly nitrogen if you wanted to
    go full circle. There is more than cause for concern regarding
    neonicotinoids ruining nature’s little pollinators

  • TexasPrepper2 2 years ago

    I’ve never heard of anyone pruning watermelons till this year. You and
    others are talking about it. Now, does pruning them make more melons or
    bigger melons… or is is just for keeping them contained in a small area?
    I have MANY watermelons started… not sure I could prune them all, but I
    was just curious. thanks, alan

  • LDSPrepper 2 years ago

    It is a mixture that you mix yourself that includes natural mineral
    nutrients (use the link below the video to get that), all purpose
    fertilizer and epsom salts. It is super inexpensive to make compared to any
    other store bought fertilizers and is much better. It contains all the
    nutrients plants need to thrive and produce large, sweet fruit.

  • katiatomsk 2 years ago

    Well, with this video, I have learned I am over watering. I have been
    watering 30 min. each morning. No wonder I am loosing the fertilizer
    effect. I have been mid week fertilizing with extra nitrogen to keep
    everything going good. But maybe it is because of over watering. I am going
    to adjust my watering a see.

  • ytgv3fc7 2 years ago

    aiki.pbworks. com/w/page/1594755/special%20Mittleider%20fertilizer%20mix
    That’s what’s in it. Looks to be a pain in the ass to do it yourself but
    once done you’ll have enough to last a life-time. I have no idea where to
    readily get iron chelate #330 or molybdenum on its own. growfood.
    com/shop/natural-mineral-fertilizers/?ap_id=BestDeal I do know where to
    order the packets for cheap.

  • SportsFanDecor 2 years ago

    You should only prune them once the female flowers have started and you
    start seeing a lot of fruit develope. If you prune too soon then you just
    cutting off potential female flowers which you have to have to get fruit. I
    do not prune. It is in my opinion idiotic to prune watermelon, cucumbers,
    squash because the first few weeks after they start flowering are only male
    flowers and by pruning them your likely to ruin production. Garden the way
    your suppose to. Old fashioned way as farmers do