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Some subscribers have asked for updates to gardens that I have built with friends and neighbors. Here is an update from Albert and Irene’s Mittleider garden…. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsFall Garden and Hydroponic Cabbage UpdateMittleider Garden Update: June 18, 2013Fall/Winter Mittleider Garden Update Jan. 16Fall Garden Started – 9.7.2013 (Mittleider Gardening Method)Sunday Update Garden Overview Info 15/11/20Strawberry Update in the Tower Garden

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  • Susan Rogers 5 years ago

    I say go for it! You have a very level yard and that is a bonus, I have a
    slope and drop to work with. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!?

  • TexasPrepper Tom 5 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  • Nathan Plummer 5 years ago

    Do you know what exact species of romane lettuce that was at the end.

  • naplescajun 5 years ago

    Thank you for your informative videos.

  • davjan4 5 years ago

    I let 2 of mine bolt late last year. I then let the seed heads dry, and
    harvested the seeds. I just planted them as a fall Romaine lettuce crop and
    they are doing well!

  • Wayne Meador 5 years ago

    Interesting update Dave, thanks for going back there and doing that update!
    Well done. Wayne

  • stevenk1965 5 years ago

    looking good.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    They are working on it. Please call the phone number on the site and tell
    them that LDS Prepper told you to call. They will then take your order over
    the phone and mail it the next day.

  • mcdsdaddy 5 years ago

    Thanks for the update. Great progress.

  • 72fr250 5 years ago

    The gardening course book link and the gardening library link are broken

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I have heard bolting lettuce does get a bitter taste. My wife had bolting
    lettuce and I cut the “bolt” off and kept harvesting. It tasted great. The
    lettuce in this video has not bolted. I’ve found if you harvest the leaves
    often it helps to stop the plant from bolting.

  • Hunter Thompson 5 years ago

    I don’t have much luck with my garden. Friggin cats eat what they wish then
    turn around and do their business in the very same spot.

  • Christopher Manabat 5 years ago

    Was that a bolting romain lettuce? Doesn’t it get bitter!

  • sha whit 5 years ago

    Great update!

  • 1994abbygirl 5 years ago

    Its amazing that its already so tall.. another example of how great the
    Mettlieder system is! Great video update. Thank You!

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I do not. I’ll check and post it here.