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  • Maura McDermott 4 months ago

    I am getting mine tomorrow that I ordered on Amazon. I have one that is the stainless steel 7 pod that I took out of my closet since 2009 and then I have a much smaller one. The bigger one is yielding very health herbs and the smaller one is beginning to sprout my asian herbs. When I get my Extra tomorrow I am going to plant bell peppers. I love this hobby!

  • Bush Girl Karen 4 months ago

    So it's been a year now sense you done this vid, do you still use it, do you still like it, how has it held up? I am really thinking of buying one but wow they are expensive so I've been looking on ebay too for a cheaper price.

  • astrangeone 4 months ago

    I would love to purchase one of these, but I don't have the space for it. I made a light tent, which I'm going to add lighting and nutrients. I'm starting jalapeno peppers and some spring onions/green onions.

    I'm using a hydroponic system for saving some lucky bamboo that turned yellow on me. I have no idea why, but it seems like the nutrients are gone…

  • John Dough 4 months ago

    I have two Aerogardens, an Extra and an Extra Elite, both with the fluorescent lights and 24" growing space. I'd like to try the LED versions.

    A few comments: 1. Don't bother with the Aerogarden brand seed kits. Just buy the baskets, sponges, and seeds online. Nutrients also. 2. No point getting the Elite version. 3. If you do get the Aerogarden-brand seed kits, some are far more productive than others. The lettuce ones are fine, but it's not like you're getting a man-sized salad every day. Maybe enough to supplement store-bought every couple of days. Herbs are OK, but no all that voluminous and some quickly grow much bigger than others (basil grows really quickly compared to the others.) The ones that do work well are the cherry tomatoes and the various peppers, but I'd say steer clear of the one with 2 tomato pods and 1 jalapeno, because the tomatoes will overtake the pepper plant in the first 2-3 weeks and the pepper won't get nearly enough light. You might try topping the tomatoes but I don't know how that would impact productivity as I haven't tried it. 4. Follow the cleaning and disinfecting instructions after EACH grow. 5. Have some extra filters and an extra pump available. 6. Despite some of the other comments, it's not great for "that." You'd be better off with a bunch of 42W CFLs or a HID lamp. This isn't tall enough and I don't feel like that lumens are there for what is basically a tropical plant. 7. The flower seed pod kits actually work pretty well, but it's just decoration; it's still fun though.

  • 4thGloryMonday 4 months ago

    Bet that would be great for growing pot

  • SK4869 4 months ago

    Love the AeroGarden. would love to own one myself. especially for Jalapenos & hot peppers =]

  • Dis lob3 4 months ago

    how do you plant a seed?

  • richard mitchell 4 months ago

    how much was it?

  • Rott Man 4 months ago

    Growing your own weed now? Hydro baby!!

  • Kreepy Pasta 4 months ago

    The turtle is going crazy.

  • Wolfhound 4 months ago

    so the plant just sets in the water ?

  • Jakes Jayas 4 months ago

    Try growing some small strains of weed

  • Chester Copperpot 4 months ago

    Good advice on the height of the lamp.
    I am very interested in seeing how well the tomatoes do.

  • 024DJF 4 months ago

    Agreed. Looking forward to the updates. I'm sure people use that thing for weed.

  • Kazzier Gaming 4 months ago

    Will be good to see updates of what you manage to grow.

  • Geminijets 92 4 months ago

    Plz sub to me I'm a big fan