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Twenty years ago, Stefan Sobkowiak bought a commercial apple orchard with the intention of converting it to an organic orchard. He did just that, but eventually understood the limitations of… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Growing season of potatoes 2014 Planting, growing, harvesting. CP Farms Ltd. Thanks to the Camps Family! Music: Steve Earle – Copperhead Road Nitty gritty dirt band – Caddilac Ranch Billy… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsBackyard food forest permaculture home orchard expansion!Hicksford Farms Oklahoma – Commercial Medical Cannabis Grow Facility – Harvesting the Optic 8 RoomAquaponic Farms, Aquaponics Fish, Aquaponics Canada, Aquaponics Diagram, Trout AquaponicsLetUs Farms How Cirrus LED Grow Lights Helped This Commercial Indoor Farm 1Greenhouse commercial Nature Fresh Farms LeamingtonNXTLVL Farms – Indoor Hydroponic Farming in the Philippines

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  • Elaine Elizabelle 5 years ago

    This brought tears of hope to my eyes. It must be taught.?

  • Martin B 5 years ago

    I’d love to learn from this guy. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to fly all
    the way to Canada, at the moment.?

  • LadybugGirlShow 5 years ago

    Pure abundance. We live on a five acre farm and I’m focused on a small 20
    tree orchard and creating a self sustainable system. I would love to visit
    your farm. It looks amazing!!! I’m working on creating our own abundance.
    I love that you share your abundance as well. I hope to do the same. I
    love your message that we need to share with nature as well. My garden is
    young but here is a link to tour my organic garden. Hope to take it to the
    next level this year,

  • The Coleman Farm 5 years ago

    Stefan has a two hour movie called “The Permaculture Orchard” where he
    explains in detail his farm. It’s one of the most educational videos I’ve
    even seen. Brilliant. ?

  • Trung Ki 5 years ago

    How could it be that incredible :3
    Uncle, you inspire me so much :D?

  • Robert Miciovici 5 years ago

    Miracle Farms – commercial permaculture?

  • liz hodgson 5 years ago

    Wow, great video! You’re such an inspiration to me! ?

  • SithSereyPheap1 5 years ago

    A garden or an orchard is a happy place,i dont want to kill every little
    creatures that called it ” A HOME ! “.I’m a gentleman farmer !! ;)))))?

  • Stefan Sobkowiak 5 years ago

    Just returned from a 30 day tour of New Zealand for the #bonztour teaching
    and speaking on this subject. You can get a lot of the most up to date
    information on the tour’s website:
    plus check out the resources page, it’s got more great information.?

  • Donna Allgaier-Lamberti 5 years ago

    Looking for suggestion(s here: We are a Zone 5b/SW Michigan homestead with
    flat land, sandy soil, sun (some afternoon shade). sometimes heavy winds
    off Lake Michigan. We have plans for several large triangle beds planted
    with: 1 Heritage semi-dwarf apple, 1 Heritage semi-dwarf pear (no plums
    available from the place who is grafting our heritage trees this winter.)
    Need idea(s) for third tree/deep rooted/nitrogen fixer fruit
    tree/shrub…. We also plan a

  • Oppenheimer Ranch Project 5 years ago

    Oppenheimer Ranch will mimic Sobkowiak’s successful triad succession
    methodology. NAP triads (nitrogen,apple,plum) grown in conjunction with
    complimentary under-story guilds yield epic abundance with zero input.
    Every member of the ecosystem benefits with this model. Join our journey:

  • Harish Raju 5 years ago

    Thank you. I am sharing guava trees with parrots. papaya trees with crows.?

  • Alain DEUDJUI 5 years ago is looking forward to supporting Stefan to come to New
    Zealand in 2015 to share what he’s learnt.?

  • Carverponics 5 years ago

    I love this!?

  • Signa Strom 5 years ago

    One of the most well done, clearly explained video I’ve seen on the process
    of shifting from mono to perma principles, and the benefits. Thank you!?

  • Barry Jordan 5 years ago

    This video is one of the best videos found on youtube.?

  • Alina Macmillan 5 years ago

    wondering if anyone can tell me where to find paw paw seeds or seedlings in
    ontario (or in canada in general). been looking for a while!?

  • Norm Sawyer 5 years ago

    good work?

  • FX Bandits 5 years ago

    I want to like this again but I cannot?

  • anisometropie Benihime 5 years ago

    How much time did it take to reach such an abondance ??

  • Gerard Brands 5 years ago

    Miracle farms.. it seems a miracle, but it is so natural – working with the
    earth and keeping eachother healthy.. Permaculture may not be a correct
    name.. who cares about that.
    This is how it has been done, and needs to done.. *and it is so easy to
    take this matter into your own hands..* Traditional farming, that what goes
    hand in hand with Monsanto, is destroying the earth and our habitat.?

  • David Trees 5 years ago

    I’ve watched this three times now. I love the attitude of “Why Not” and
    “let’s live for a greater purpose” than purely making money as a business.
    Yes, it needs to make cash flow for sure, without it, the orchard biz dies
    for sure … But I think this wise gentleman knows to let profit and
    abundance become a by product of that clear decision to live with and for a
    higher purpose, which includes a clear plan/system to benefit others
    including some “pesties”… Awesome. Big picture, stewardship thinkers are
    legends. Thanks so so much for sharing this Possible . Org. Big Smiles from
    me, David.?

  • Hemon Dey 5 years ago

    Poly cropping, done right!?

  • 55Herbie1 5 years ago

    Could you please tell me what the elevation is in Cazaville and the type of
    climate throughout the year?

  • iambehindthemirror 5 years ago

    Not just shelf life, but most importantly, quantity, size! American
    commercial strawberries are basicly tasteless, no aroma either.?

  • Michiel Buijsse 5 years ago
  • ONPotatoEQUIP 5 years ago

    Great video?