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Julie Weisenhorn, state director of University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners, talks about the history of the volunteer program and its current efforts, including biochar research. Video Rating: / 5 “Gardening Is Gangsta” (Official Music Video) featuring Kung Fu Master Sifu Paul Davis. Directed by: Jose Najar with Najar Media. Featuring: John Bush, Catherine Bleish, Michael Sovereign Germanow, Cristabel Gonzales, and their beautiful children. Rubi Macedo in the garden of eden scene, Emilio Chronis Mike Soto, Johnny Ray in “The Deal” scene Special thanks to my uncle Ray Felan “Triple OG” for letting me use his lowrider cadillac in the shoot. Song was recorded by Street Educated Productions Aaron Combs, beat by Boz Boz Filmed at Chicano Park, Fiesta Gardens, and the Germanow “off the grid” farm/ residence. Special thanks to all who were involved that made this the most awesome video shoot ever! Now help me share it on all 4 corners of the Earth! Help me save the world!!! ‪#‎GardeningIsGangsta‬ ‪#‎GrowYourOwnFood‬ ‪#‎BeYourOwnMaster‬ Lyrics: [intro] Master Mark Yeahhhhh! What’s the damn deal? It’s ya man Master Mark! I’m out here holdin it down in the garden with my sovereign homie Paul Davis! Out here slangin these veggies, nomtombout! Livin off the land! Bout to show yall what bein a real gangsta’s all about, ya feel me?! [hook] I don’t rely on no food stamps Cuz every season I’m harvestin some new plants It got me feelin like gardening is gangsta (gangsta, gangsta) Gardening is gangsta, yeah I can’t trust my own government So I got off my hamster wheel and got off the grid It got me feelin like sovereign is gangsta (gangsta, gangsta) Sovereign is gangsta, yeah [Verse 1] Master Mark Gardening is gangsta, my arch rival’s monsanto I’m searchin for the city of gold, like el dorado […]

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  • PelHeat - Pellet Mills, Presses, Machines and Plants 1 year ago

    Pyrolysis is one of the most efficient and cleanest ways to extract energy from biomass, and it leaves BioChar as a bonus which is an excellent soil amendment.

  • rustcity 1 year ago

    more pyrolysis plz…

  • Lori235 1 year ago

    It is possible to live in the city and still have gardens. There is more than the traditional farming methods. Use aquaponics and you can raise fish too.

  • BrendaTheeSolarGirl 1 year ago

    Much love this song is beautiful and inspiration. Am going to solve the food desert problem in the neighborhoods of Chicago that really need food. Much love. Thank you!! <3

  • DJ Wrekk 1 year ago

    Loving it. Nice.

  • Randall Buckley 1 year ago


  • Ryan Marshall 1 year ago

    This is way too high quality to be gangsta lol

  • vpaczkowski 1 year ago

    is that skinny pete?

  • dust man 1 year ago

    That's some dope shit brotha. Keep on growin'!

  • pintosound 1 year ago


  • Antoine G 1 year ago

    That's really good 🙂

  • Kurt Lloyd 1 year ago

    This is incredible.

  • holly thegardenanarchist 1 year ago

    This speaks volumes. Bravo! Can't wait to see more of your work.

  • Mark Jankins 1 year ago

    ***New video*** "Break These Chains" featuring K-Rino

  • ; Waterbearer95 1 year ago
  • Joanna Santucci 1 year ago

    Eeeeheee! THIS IS AWESOME!!! LOVE IT.

  • Ried Moore 1 year ago

    I'm playing this for my plants right now. Gangster rap changed my life and it's going to change my peppers lives too.

  • Charles Jager 1 year ago

    When you say this was filmed partly in Chicano Park, do you mean the one in San Diego?

  • Jreed and his Mongrol Hoard of Rascally Rat Wranglers 1 year ago

    awesome !!!!!

  • Tom Marcantonio 1 year ago

    pleas epost lyrics